Saturday, April 29, 2017

Skin sensitivity and a possible allergic reaction to products: what to do

I’m wondering if my skin is too sensitive for one or both of the [Yonka] cremes I am currently using. If I look at my skin in the light from a certain angle, it appears to have the finish of a very fine grit sandpaper. My skin doesn’t hurt, and it doesn’t appear to be rashed to the point of looking red, but it just seems to be somewhat irritated. I have noticed this for quite some time now, but because it doesn’t hurt I didn’t think it was a concern.

I’m not exfoliating or even masking, thinking they might further irritate my skin. I haven’t made any changes in my diet that might be causing this either. What do you think? Is this normal for facial skin to have very small bumps all over it? I really notice the bumps on my cheek, jawline, and upper lip area. I would greatly appreciate your insight.

First of allno!it is not normal to have this type of reaction to a product. Your skin is always telling you if it likes something or not. Even if those bumps already existed yet seemed to get worse after first introducing the new (Yonka or any other) product, that too is not normal.

The only way youll know for sure if the skin problems your are experiencing are due to the moisturizing creams is to stop using them completely and see if your skin clears up. If you can, go back to the moisturizers you were using before you switched to Yonkause them for at least a week, two would be better. This should be enough time for your skin to recover, if only slightly. If you notice an improvement, then youll know something in the Yonka products are causing the skin issues.

However, it might be only one of the Yonka creams you are having a reaction to, a certain set of ingredients. If youre up for the test, do a controlled experiment, and (after your skin is back to normal) use just one of the Yonka creams morning and night: lets say the day cream. You will probably notice any reaction within a day or two. If you dont get a reactiongreat!

Then, stop using the day cream (am/pm) and start using the night cream morning and night. If you do get a reaction, voila: that was the offending product. If you dont get a reaction with this cream either, I would start using the day cream for day and night cream at night and see if after this second go-round you dont react. Sometimes starting a new group of products can prove too much at once for a more sensitive skin. If after this experiment your skin seems fine with both creams, that might just have been the case with you.

Obviously, if you use one or both of the products again and have the same reaction with one or boththat is just not a cream you will be able to use going forward. There are numerous wonderful moisturizers in the Yonka line and I can sample you some to see if you can use them or if your skin just doesnt like Yonka in general.  

It will take some time, but without doing a controlled experiment, you’ll never know if the creams are the problem or if it is something else. If you are willing, do this and please let me know how your skin is doing. My guess is, based on the information you gave me, that you are having a reaction to something in your new Yonka creams. Having use this product line for over 3 decades, I can say for a fact that this rarely happens, but it can happen.

Since both your day cream and night cream are both Yonka, it might be the common elements in these creams that your skin doesnt like and therefore you may not be able to use this line of products. However, it could be just one or two ingredient in one of the creams. If this is the case, and the experiment should provide this information, then we might be able to narrow down the ingredient you are reacting to. I can sample you some other creams from Yonka and hopefully they will be winners for you.

I agree with not using any other types of products on your skin while its in reaction, such as an exfoliator (sure to further irritate) or any type of mask, clay or hydrating, since that will be sitting on top of irritated skin. That is never a good idea. So until your skin returns to normal,” I would hold off of doing anything except this experiment and once all is back to the way it should be, you can then proceed to exfoliate and mask as you usually do.

Its pretty simple, really. If something is irritating your skin or you think it isstop using it! Then, after an ample period of time, if your skin seems to be doing better, the product you were using is probably not something to use going forward. If you don’t notice any difference, the product is most likely OK to use, and youll have to put your investigator hat on to figure out what is causing the problem.

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