Saturday, April 15, 2017

Powder vs. foundation: which is better for my skin?

Which is better for my skin—powder or foundation?

Thats a great question. As long as you use loose powder, it will be OK for your skin and preferred over using liquid foundation. Foundation seeps into the pores and can reek havoc on problem skin. Even if you have true-dry skin (oil dry), Id recommend powder over foundation. Usually powder’s first ingredient is talc. Talc helps to absorb oil (a benefit), and loose powder is not going to clog your pores like foundation can. Pressed powder, however, is a different story.

Many times I see clients who think they’re treating their skin well since they’re using pressed powder instead of foundation. I actually think pressed powder is worse for the skin than most foundations. It is simply (liquid) foundation in solid form.

Pressed powder contains a lot of emollients and thickeners that are then pressed into the skin and can cause congestion in the pores. I find it very difficult to remove this type of powder in the cleansing phase of the facial, much more so than when I try to remove foundation from a client’s skin. So loose powder is OK, pressed powder is not!

It would be more beneficial to spray your toner on before applying powder (or foundation). If you simply want to spray your toner throughout the day (when you have powder on), go ahead. The toner will still superficially hydrate the surface of your skin and I’m sure you will still receive benefits from its ingredients. But for optimal use, spray toner on after cleansing and before anything else.
Note that when you spray your toner over powder, it will “set” the powder on your skin. I don’t exactly know what this will look like (I don’t wear any makeup) but I would think spraying the toner might diminish the coverage of your powder. Does it?

No matter what you use as a coverup for your skin, my goal as an aesthetician is to get your skin clear and blemish-free so you wont feel like you need to cover anything up. Even those of you with clear skin still like to coverup your healthy skin with makeup. Id love to be a positive influence to encourage you to try to go makeup-free.

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