Monday, April 17, 2017

Yonka sunscreen recommendation question

UPDATE 8/2020: Yonka has been discontinuing products left and right in recent years. It makes it not only hard to keep up, but it also makes some of my articles somewhat moot. Case in point—below. Rather than rewrite this, I have decided to keep it as is and let you know that both Yonka SPF 20 and SPF 25 have been discontinued. The only sunscreen at the moment that is available from Yonka-Paris is their SPF 50. Hopefully in the future they will come out with more options for sun protection; still SPF 50 is a wonderful and protective sun cream.

I have been buying Yonka products from you for about 10 years now. I have a question: I will be going on a cruise in April. The last cruise I took I was unable to find a sunscreen that didn’t burn my face. I’m also looking for a lightweight-feeling one. I was wondering if you could send me some samples of your Yonka sunscreens for me to try. Then I’ll know which one I need to order.

Unfortunately, Yonka only samples their SPF 25. Both SPF 20 & 50 have no samples available. Many times I create a “sample” by emptying a sample toner bottle then squirting one of the sunscreens inside and labeling the bottle so there is no confusion. I actually empty several bottles in advance and store them so the liquid has plenty of time to dry before I add a product inside.

The best lightweight sunscreen in the Yonka line is definitely SPF 20. Although it’s labeled a “spray,”  it actually does not sprayyou will squirt the sunscreen in your palm just like any other product.

Taking the place of the discontinued (and much loved by me and many of my clients) Lait Solaire, SFP 20 is comparable in its thinner naturemore like a “lotion” vs. a thicker “cream” consistency.

With this or any sunscreen, Yonka or other brand, sunscreen is meant to keep your skin from burningnot from any and all sun exposure. What this will look like, especially during a cruise on the ocean, is your skin will definitely get tanned. But if you use your sunscreen product frequently and apply it well, you should avoid sunburns throughout your trip.

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