Friday, April 14, 2017

Testimonials for Timeless Skin: Healthy Skin for a Lifetime—my first book

Below are a few testimonials I received after Timeless Skin was published (2000). I so appreciate any and all of you who have contacted me, letting me know how the book changed your life—or at least your skin care habits. Everyone loves compliments, myself included, so thank you again for your words of kindness and positivity!

Timeless Skin came highly recommended. I borrowed a copy and learned more from your book then from the 5 dermatologists I’ve been treated by over the past 20 years!!! Thank you!”

“After reading your book a few years ago, it has made a wonderful dramatic change in my skin. Thank You!”

“I have read Timeless Skin several times and I’ve recommended it to friends who regularly thank me for guiding them to such a comprehensive, user-friendly guide to skin care. Thank you for creating such a handy resource. I appreciate and agree wholeheartedly with your approach and philosophy.”

“I just finished reading your book and liked it so much that after returning the copy I read from the library, I had to go and buy a copy of my own to use as a reference. I found your book to be very informative as well as inspiring.”

“I have just finished reading your excellent book and I wanted to congratulate you from the bottom of my heart for a fantastic no-nonsense sensible book that will help so many people. It was a joy to read for me being an esthetician myself for over 17 years. What a great service you have contributed to our industry, thank you.”

“I read your book and loved it. I have read many books on the market and I have to say yours was easy to follow and made complete sense.”

“I found your book at my local health food store. It was in their book section, and I was shopping with the rare luxury of no children, so I had time to browse. I saw the book, glanced through it, and knew I had to have it. I am really tired of wasting money on products that don’t work, and all the general advice looked great. I was very impressed.”

“I saw you on Oprah [I wish! It was The Iyanla Show] and found your ideas interesting so I bought your book. Thanks for your knowledge and assistance.” See link below to a segment of that show.

“I have thoroughly enjoyed your book and recommend it to almost everyone. Thank you for the most valuable gift of all.....TIME.”

“I found out about you through your book, which I refer to as ‘the skin bible.’ I am 38 and your book has provided many answers to questions I have had concerning my skin. Thank you!”

“I skimmed through a lot of your book last night and it is the best resource on skincare I’ve ever come across. You really cover it all. I haven’t found anyone before who seems to know so much about skin and is not just trying to push the product line that they invented/created.”

“I received your book in the mail, and it is wonderful. It is truly a great resource. I so wished I lived in your area so you could be my ‘skin guru.’ Your skin looks flawless on the book cover. You truly are a great advertisement! Thanks so much.”

“I read and enjoyed your book! Thank you for all the great tips. I wish you had an office in Arkansas!!!!!”

“I have started to read your book and find it to be full of wonderful information. Thank you for writing it. I appreciate your help and maybe I can finally get my skin to behave.”

“I finished your book and was so sad when I got to the end that I decided to start reading it again! I also ordered some of the CDs and books you suggested.”

“I just wanted to tell you how helpful your book has been for me. Thank you again, and I am anxiously waiting for your second book.”

“I just want to say ‘THANK YOU.’ Last evening I started reading your book. I think it provides good, sound advice and information. Here is to being the best that we can be!”

“I loved your book! I actually saw you on a talk show. I decided your book was a must! The only regret I have is that I didn’t have it in my hands to read 35 years ago! Seriously, there is a ton of valuable information in it and I am recommending it to my sisters and friends. Thanks again for your personal attention.”

“I read your new book and learned a ton about my skin.”

“GREAT BOOK!!!! I will recommend it to all my friends.”

“I wanted to tell you that I have started to read your book and find it to be full of wonderful information. Thank you for writing it.”

“I have learned a lot of information from your book and told all my friends about it. I was doing basically everything wrong. Since the day I started reading your book my skin has improved dramatically.”

“The book was very helpful. I have begun to follow your recommendations for skin care both outside and in and am already seeing benefit.”

“I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoyed your book! I learned some new facts, validated some old ones, and have been stimulated to investigate a few things a little more. But it was really great and I will recommend it to others.”

“I purchased your book after seeing you on The Iyanla Show. Your skin is beautiful so I felt that you knew what you were talking about. I found the book to be very helpful and my skin has improved a great deal using your suggestions.”

“I started reading Timeless Skin, and I want to thank you for all your good advice and sharing your thoughts. You have made my skin care regime much simpler.”

“Your book was highly recommended. I borrowed a copy and read the first 96 pages on the plane and at the Seattle airport while on my way to a conference last month. I’ve learned more from your book then from the 5 dermatologists I’ve been treated by over the past 20 years!!! I had to go and get my own copy. Thank you!”

“As a licensed esthetician who no longer works in the industry, skin care is really more of a hobby that I enjoy reading and talking about. Your book is a must-have for estheticians who could definitely benefit from your experience, and for the consumer whose dermatologist and esthetician isn’t helping! Thanks for the fabulous tips in your book and for making my skin just that much more beautiful!”

“I’ve read several books written by both estheticians and dermatologists (since my skin started acting up) and your book is my favorite. It was so helpful and straight forward. I was so into it, I read it all in one sitting (that hardly happens for me). By sharing your own experience, it definitely gave me hope that my skin would clear up someday! The book seemed sincere and less ‘technical’ and ‘sales-y’ compared to other skin books I’ve seen. You come across as someone who really wants to help with people’s skin problems, even those who can’t come to see you.”

Thank you thank you thank you one and all I have quoted here and for all the wonderful compliments I have received over my 32 year career. I appreciate you!!!

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