Tuesday, July 7, 2020

GOMMAGE YONKA (formerly Gommage 305)—Soft Peel Miracle

Hold on to your hats and get used to yet another new name for an old product. Yonka rebranded Gommage 305 and it is now called GOMMAGE YONKA. I have been told by the company these two products are identical, so read all about Gommage 305 below knowing it is the same information for what you might have now, Gommage Yonka.

In most cases I have changed the following information away from “Gommage 305” to “Gommage Yonka.” Is some cases I needed to add a few extra words of explanation after the older information; I am trying to keep all these changes as easy to read about as is possible. Without further ado, presenting: Gommage Yonka! 

How many times have you heard me say, “If I could only use one product from Yonka on my face, it would be Gommage? Well, I say that because it’s true, and here’s why. Everybody can benefit from exfoliation. (Exfoliation means to slough off the dead cell buildup on the surface of your skin.) If you accumulate too much buildup, your skin starts to look dull and lifeless, it doesn’t reflect light well, and your makeup (if you wear any) won’t go on smoothly. In essence when you dont exfoliate on a regular basis, your skin suffers both from how it feels and also how it looks. The solution: Gommage! I call it a soft peel miracle because it really can be magical in how good it makes your skin look.

The Gommage is what I term an active exfoliator vs. passive exfoliators like AHAs (alpha hydroxy acids) that just sit on your skin. With Yonka’s Gommage you are actively yet gently removing several layers of dead skin, which in turn helps step up circulation (blood feeds and nourishes all cells), and refines the texture of your skin (makes it feel smoother).

Gommage has a carob bean gum base, which gives it a lasting hydrating quality on your skin. If you haven’t tried Yonka’s Gommage and you want great-looking skinisn’t it about time?

GOMMAGE YONKA. When I first started using Yonka back in the mid-80s, there were 3 gommages: 300, 303, and 305. Gommage 300 was for dry and sensitive skin; 303 was for normal to oily skin; 305 was for problem and acne skin. Imagine my surprise when they discontinued Gommage 300!

Yonka renamed 305 for “dry or sensitive skin siting that problem, acne skin was sensitive and that was how I was to sell it to my clients. That wasnt an issue, since 305 has always been for problem skin, and many times problem skin is sensitive skin. But because the words on the label had changed, explaining this and convincing new clients or current clients who had true-dry skin (not problem skin) was a bit time consuming, to say the least. And now, all these years later, I still find myself having to go into a somewhat lengthy explanation of the different gommages to assure my clients I am indeed giving them the correct product for their skin type. 

I supposed one benefit of the rebranding of Gommage 305 into Gommage Yonka is not needing to explain why Im recommending it to a skin type that the product doesnt say it is for. Now with Gommage Yonka, there is no skin type it is labeled for. In other words, this rebranded product is for any and all skin types.

I used to label Gommage 305 for sensitive and problem skin. If you have red, sensitive skin, and especially if you have rosacea, you would probably have found Gommage 303 (now discontinued) irritating due to all the citrus it contained. Not so with 305/Gommage Yonka. Problem, infected, or acne skin tends to be sensitive, so Gommage Yonka is the best one for those skin conditions. And since all skin types need exfoliationincluding irritated skin, this might be the one for you (and it is actually the only one available!). I have many clients with true rosacea who are able to use Yonka Gommage successfully, which is very important since a skin with rosacea certainly also needs exfoliation.

With all that said, with this new rebranded gommage any skin type can use it: true-dry (oil-dry), combination, normal to oily, oily, acne, rosacea, sensitive skineveryone! I cant say enough about this wonderful product and how important it is for the ongoing heath (and happiness) of your skin.

Essential ingredients:  
  • Carob, brown algae derivatives—exfoliating, hydrating
  • White nettle—soothing
  • Essential oil of lime and bornéol—purifying, clearing
  • Plant glycerin—hydrating

Directions for use:  
    • Please please see the important instructions in the links below. They may be different than how you’re used to using gommage, but these directions will give you the best experience with this amazing exfoliator

    I cannot overemphasize how important Yonkas Gommage is to your healthy skin care routine. So many people who have tried and failed to use it correctly have missed out on this amazing exfoliator. Please click on the Q & A article link below to read a first-hand account of one of my clients experience with Gommage—before she met me and after I gave her proper instructions.