Thursday, July 2, 2020

Can an aesthetician extract my ear blackheads?

Can I get the blackheads inside my ears extracted by a facialist?
This wouldn’t be a job for someone you don’t know or who you don’t have a great deal of confidence in. But if you have a skilled aesthetician, she may indeed be able to make some headway extracting your ear blackheads.

I have extracted some enlarged plugs in the ears of my clients, but this is extremely hard to do. It has to be done with Q-tips® because fingers are too big to fit inside an ear. And truthfully, I rarely get the entire blackhead extracted—the area is so confined and hard to maneuver in.

In my experience, I have found that sometimes only part of the plug comes out during the extraction process. But getting the process started usually helps to clear the blackheads eventually. Plus, you will now be paying more attention to this area.

I treat the inside ear with an essential oil solution (for me, this is the toner I use), and when I put the clay mask on my client’s face, I put some in the ear, too. Make sure the aesthetician doesn’t forget to remove the clay from your ears before you leave the facial chair. People might begin to talk!

Maybe you don’t know if you have blackheads inside your ears. Ask your aesthetician during your next facial (if she doesn’t volunteer the information), or simply ask a trusted friend. Ask someone with a gentle spirit who won’t throw out an answer that hurts once it’s heard.

Remember, no one except your significant other is looking that closely at your ears. And perhaps he or she doesn’t even notice your ear’s insides. So don’t get all fanatical about how the insides of your ears look! Just keep your ears clean and worry about more important things.

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