Tuesday, August 29, 2017


Below is the link to an article, Excellence Code Masque: mask or moisturizer?, that gives an account of my experience with this masque that you’ll want to read. In short: I loved it, but as a moisturizer vs. using it as a mask. Read the post to get all the information!

The following is from Yonka headquarters: Yon-Ka Paris has proudly completed the Age Exception collection with the launch on EXCELLENCE CODE MASQUE and Excellence Code Contours eye treatment. These two new, high performance products are well suited for the multi-dimensional needs of mature, hormonally imbalanced skin.

As an innovator in anti-aging expert care, Yon-Ka counters all the signs of aging with its new and exceptional face mask, Excellence Code Masque, which doubles as an over-night sleep mask. Packed with potent active ingredients including its star ingredient, Nutgrass, strengthens the papillary dermis and maintains the skin’s youthful bounce and volume.

It also provides mature skin types with an astonishing radiance boost due to Red Algae, a patented ingredient used for its brightening powers. Skin is visibly younger; signs of fatigue fade away and your complexion instantly recovers its glow and freshness. 

92% of natural ingredients - 2 Patents -   Paraben-free
Multi-tasking, Versatile Product with Proven Efficacy:
Lifting Effect: +25% after first application, +61% after second application (Comparison was made between day 0 and day 3)
  • Radiance:  +65% then +95%
  • Wrinkles are smoothed: 100%
  • Skin is visibly younger: 100%

Don’t get me startedI don’t even know where to begin to explain what these percentage really mean. But as you can see, it is Yonka’s new way of describing the benefits of their products. For me as an aestheticianor just for me as an individualthese descriptions (“Skin is visibly younger: 100%”) border on the ridiculous.

Essential ingredients:
  • Sweet almond proteins, nutgrassinstant lifting effect, firmness and bounce
  • Lemon, orange, sugar cane, maple and bilberry with AHAs (fruit acids), marine collagenanti-wrinkle, smoothing effect, exfoliating
  • Hyaluronic acid with high molecular weight, vegetable glycerin, grape seed oil, allantoin, vitamins PP and B5hydrating, nourishing, repairing
  • Red algaeclear and even complexion
  • Vitamins A, C, Eanti-oxidizing, regenerating
  • Essential oils of bergamot, lemon, mandarin, rose, tonka bean and guaiac wood, Quintessence Yonka (thyme, lavender, cypress, geranium, and rosemary essential oils)invigorating, relaxing
Directions for use from Yonka:
1 to 2 times per week:
  • After cleansing, apply EXCELLENCE CODE MASQUE generously to the face and neck
  • Let mask sit on your skin for 15 minutes
  • After rinsing the masque off thoroughly
  • Spray Yonka lotion several times to energize the complexion
  • As an additional treatment option, apply a thin layer of Excellence Code Masque as an overnight treatment