Friday, August 11, 2017

Is makeup good for my skin?

I hear the “Is makeup good for my skin? question a lot. I also hear, “Makeup is protecting my skin, right? And to those questions I say “no” and “no!” To clarify, the makeup Im talking about is foundation or anything covering your skin as a whole. Eye makeup, lip productsno problem. Its the face makeup/coverup Im more concerned about when it comes to the healthy functioning of your skin.

Answering the second question first, yes, makeup does add another layer between your skin and the environment, and many coverups have SPF in them, so on some level they are “protecting” your skin. I don’t like using that word protection because it connotes something that I don’t believe is really happening. But yes, makeup does add another layer between you and the environment.

What makeup is also doing is sitting on your skinall day; it’s not meant to penetrate very far or really at all. Makeup’s purpose is to give color to the surface of your skin and so it just sits there, seeping into your pores and just hanging out. This prolonged visitation can cause enlargement of the pores (something you want to avoid at all costs) and for some women, it can cause breakouts.

If you have problem skin, you no doubt use makeup to cover up the problems. And perhaps you don’t have skin issues but just feel better about how you look wearing foundation. I am not saying dont wear makeup, but I do want you to understand that is can actually cause problems while covering your skin. 

I’ve listed some helpful articles below that you can read to further explain the notion that makeup is actually good for your skin. It just isn’tor at least it isn’t good in general but if it makes you feel better about your skin, well, there is something to be said for that.

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