Thursday, June 25, 2015

Yonka’s JUVENIL—purifying concentrate and spot treatment

JUVENIL is a calendula, ichthiol, and bleu chamomile-based brown liquid that is a wonderful tool to help calm and heal your problem skin. Used for widespread breakout, it can also be used on individual problem spots. Apply Juvenil to entire face or wherever breakout is occurring.

Juvenils ingredients are different than Emulsion Pure (another Yonka product for problem skin), although the action on blemishes is similar. Calendula is soothing and anti-inflammatory, and chamomile (azulene) helps to heal and calm, while ichthammol is antiseptic and antibacterial. The medicinal aromatic reassures you that action is being taken against your blemishes. This healing concentrate can also be mixed into your cremes. (Juvenil can stain clothing—so be careful!) Breakouts disappear, and inflammations are soothed. The skin is purified and healed.

A very effective acne treatment with a unique approach from other standard acne products. Juvenil is non-stinging and doesn’t dry out the skin. It will effectively balance sebaceous secretions, control breakout causing bacteria, and soothe and heal the infections. The balance of the formula clears the complexion and diminishes post-breakout spots. Juvenil is an important product for men as an aftershave for soothing sensitive skin and eliminating ingrown hairs.

My upstairs neighbor friends just got married. The day before the wedding, the groom came to me with several red spots (zits) on his face. I ran to my office and got him some Juvenil. After giving him the instructions, I kind of forgot about it. The day after the wedding I saw them both, and he remarked to me what a miracle that little brown liquid had been. And sure enough, he had no evidence of redness or breakout on his face. Hurray! And congratulations to the newlyweds!

Essential ingredients:
  • Ichtammol (sulfur derivative)—purging, antisepticizes, healing
  • Lactic acid—antisepticizes, acidifies, eliminates cellular buildup
  • Yonka “Quintessence (essential oils of thyme, lavender, cypress, geranium, and rosemary)—purifying, calming, healing
  • Calendula—antisepticizes, anti-inflammatory
  • Azulene (German chamomile)—antisepticizes, rejuvenating, soothing
  • Sweet lime—regulates, balances
Directions for use:

In the morning and/or evening:
  • Apply JUVENIL after cleansing *before toning and moisturizing
  • Use a few drops to specific breakout or
  • Several pumps to entire face if breakout is more widespread
  • Next, apply (spray on) Yonka Lotion toner
  • Then apply your day or night treatment creme (perhaps Creme 15) 

You can also mix some Juvenil into your day/night creams. You can use Juvenil mixed in only or in addition to using it as a spot treatment. You really cant use too much of this wonderful treatment product.

*I prefer to apply Juvenil on dry skin vs. after spraying Lotion toner. However, dont worry! You can clean, spray toner, then apply Juvenil if you prefer that method. Truly, you cant go wrong as long as these products are on your skin.

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