Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Yonka’s PAMPLEMOUSSE creams—great all-around moisturizers

Yonka’s Pamplemousse creams (for normal to oily and dry skin types) are 2 of the best all-around moisturizers in the line. They are both great hydrating creams, and each one has a wonderful grapefruit aromatic. Pamplemousse, by the way, means grapefruit in French.

This cream is a big hit with the guys. It doesn’t have a “girly”-type perfumed aroma (although none of the Yonka products do); its scent is 100% grapefruit—a genderless aromatic. I used a lot of words to simply say, men love this cream! 

Following are descriptions from Yonka headquarters: 

Pamplemousse PNG (normal to oily skin) is a lightweight cream endowed with a splendid scent of citrus fruit to alleviate dullness. It enlivens and brightens and protects skin from environmental aggressions. Pamplemousse PNG also helps regulate the moisture level. Helps smooth and infuse skin with an instant freshness. Ideal makeup base. 

Pamplemousse PS (dry skin) provides a clear, bright and fresh new complexion hydrated to perfection thanks to this radical lightweight formula. Overthrows dullness. Phyto-citrus complex delivers the right amount of essential moisture. Visibly reduces sallow tones.

Key Benefits of both Pamplemousse creams: 
  • A day base restorative moisturizer that protects and brightens sallow or dull skin types from environmental aggressors
  • Aromatic essences, humectants and emollients work synergistically to clarify, brighten and strengthen and tone the capillaries  Stimulates the skin’s ability to repair itself  The epidermis is balanced; it feels smooth and velvety

Essential ingredients:
  • Wheatgerm oil, olive oil, lecithin, beeswaxnourishing, protecting
  • Essential oils of grapefruit, lime, sweet orange, lemon, Yonka “Quintessence” (essential oils of thyme, lavender, cypress, geranium, and rosemary)—vitalizing   
  • Grapefruit extract, vitamin C—radiance booster, antioxidant (The normal to oily version has a higher concentration of grapefruit.)
  •  Olive oil, pumpkin seed oil—nourishing, protecting (The dry skin version has a higher concentration of olive oil.)

Directions for use:

In the morning and/or evening:
  • After cleansing
  • Spray Yonka Lotion toner liberally
  • Apply PAMPLEMOUSSE to your face and neck
  • Use your favorite eye treatment cream

The verbiage used in the Yonka literature to describe these and all of their products is somewhat different; I think the American marketing people have an interesting way of translating the French ideas into English. I could have rewritten everything, but the wording is so Yonka, I think it’s more fun to read their interpretations.

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