Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Just say NO to comedone extractors!

No No No No NO!!!!!
I had a facial back in early October. The lady who was working on me used some kind of tool to squeeze out blackheads and pimples. I asked her if [the red marks left from the extraction] would clear up right away because I had a singing competition in 2 weeks. She had said they would clear up fast.

My face did not clear up for my show, in fact there were still some rough areas at Christmas! Now, however, my skin has finally healed, but I have all these little dents in my face where she worked. They are purple in color and look like little pot holes that you see down dirt roads.

I am somewhat depressed over this as my skin was always so nice and clear before, no scars from pimples like I’ve seen on other people’s faces. Now unfortunately I have these places on my own face. Here is my question for you: Is there any way at all to get rid of the pot holes?

I’m so sorry you had this experience. The aesthetician probably used a metal tool called a comedone extractor. It is something I don’t recommend using under any circumstances during a facial (and please, not on your own skin at home). These metal tools can cause a lot of damage. Mostly I see capillary damage, but depending on who is using it, scarring can also occur. I would never consider using a comedone extractor in my facials—ever.

If what you are experiencing is truly scarring from the extractions done in your facial, there isn’t a lot you can do. Definitely do not pick at those areas. If it has been months since your breakout, even though the skin may look purple, it is doubtful there is still infection after so much time. You want to be very careful not to get sun on your face. Those spots may pigment differently now that the skin has been altered, and that may cause dark spots from sun exposure.

If your pores are still clogged, you want to be sure to keep your skin clean—not just by daily cleansing but by exfoliating and definitely using a clay mask as well. These two steps, if done on a regular basis, can really help to keep your skin in good shape.

There are currently lasers that may be able to help with the scarring. You would need to discuss this with a dermatologist to find out all the information on what is available. The doctor can evaluate your particular skin’s condition and give you advice as to what to do for the scarring. Unfortunately laser procedures can cost a lot of money, and they aren’t always 100% effective.

I wish I had a magic answer to your dilemma. Unfortunately scars are permanent, although their appearance may decrease over time and could look less noticeable. If you ever find yourself in a facial and see that a comedone extractor is going to be used, just tell the aesthetician that under no circumstances will you allow it to be used on your face.

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