Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Get every last drop of your creams with a tube wringer!

Are you cutting the tubes of your skin care products so you can get every bit of your creams? I have a better solution:
  • Use a tube wringer!
What is one, you ask? A tube wringer wrings tubes, squeezing the remaining product to the top of the tube so you can use just about every drop of cream—without the messy action of cutting your tubes.

Traditionally, tube wringers have been used by painters. They, too, utilize tubes for their art work and they, too, want to get every last drop of those expensive paints. I have used a tube wringer in my facial room since I began using Yonka products almost 30 years agoand still do.

You can find tube wringers at most art supply stores and some hardware stores. I have tried several brands throughout the years, but always come back to Gill Mechanical’s tube wringers. They seem to hold up the best and don’t break or come undone during the wringing process. I have found so many of my clients are cutting their tubes of Yonka to get the last bits, I wanted to make purchase information available here in case you want to stop cutting and start tube wringing!
If you go to Gill Mechanical’s website (CLICK HERE), it is the “light duty” tube wringer that you’ll want to purchase. You don’t need anything heavy duty”—you’re just wringing tubes of facial products after all! This is certainly not the only company that sells tube wringers, but back in the day (the 1980s) this was pretty much the only place I could find them. Ive been a loyal customer ever since!

Whether you buy from Gill or find a tube wringer somewhere else, do use one! It will make a world of difference in how much extra cream you’re able to get out of your skin care product tubes. Since these creams are somewhat expensive, getting every last drop is a savings in the long run. I also use the tube wringer on my toothpaste and just about any other tube in use in my home—you will too!

For some of my favorite Yonka products (in tubes that could benefit from a tube wringer), see:

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