Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Yonka’s Gommage Instructions—This is Very Important Information!

The instructions inside the box of Gommage are slightly different than those listed below. Based on results, the following is the most effective way to use the this product. The instructions Im giving you here, by the way, are the originals from when Gommage was called Desincrustant back in the 80s.
Exfoliation is paramount to healthy skin, therefore Gommage is one of the most important in your routine. Gommage needs to be used at least once per week, however it can be used as often as every day. Twice per week would be great. The gommage process takes about five minutes start to finish, but due to how your skin will look and feel afterward, it’s worth every second! 

Note: When sampling this product, USE ONE WHOLE SAMPLE per application (one sample = one applicationonly!). In others words, use the whole sample! If you don’t, you will not get a proper gommage. Using the sample will give you an idea of how much to use.

THIS IS IMPORTANT: Your skin and the air around you needs to be DRYno moisture in the air (for instance if the shower is on or you’re in a steam room) and no moisture on your skin (be sure after washing your face you get all the water off before applying Gommage).
  • Use a quarter to a half dollar-sized dollop
  • Warm Gommage between your hands and apply to DRY face and neck
The gommage starts out as a sticky gooey gel. After massaging into your skin using light, circular movements for a minute or two, the product will start absorbing into your skin:
  • When it starts absorbing, it gets a bit sticky and youll lose the easy gliding ability. Keep massaging, but do not rub your face raw!
  • If you feel you have to rub hard, you didn’t begin with enough product. Don’t remove what you’ve got on your face, but apply a bit more, then continue...
  • You will start to notice pencil eraser-type flakes appearing as the gommage dries
  • Get over a sink and use brisk movements to eliminate the impurities. When complete, no more flakes will appear
  • Rinse the residue off with tepid water, and you’re done!
  • After rinsing, pat your skin dry, use your Yonka spray toner, then use your favorite Yonka moisturizer.

Your skin will feel extremely soft and look very clear and healthy. If you wear makeup, it will go on smoothly. Whenever someone comes in for a facial, I always tell them they will be amazed at how soft their skin feels the next time they go to cleanse. Many times after a facial the client wont have touched their skin since the last time they washed it. 

In a hurry and need to gommage? Before your shower, apply Gommage. Massage until the flaking begins, step into DRY shower, and flake off completely. Start water, and rinse residue off as you shower.
  • Gommage when you can’t come in for facials
  • Gommage when your coloring looks dull
  • Gommage when your skin looks flaky
When in doubtGOMMAGE! It is essential to your healthy skin program! 

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Rememberdont rub too hard