Tuesday, September 1, 2020

Thoughts on GOMMAGE YONKA (formerly Gommage 305)

GOMMAGE YONKA is essentially just a rebranding of the “old” Gommage 305. As you may know Gommage 303 (the wonderful citrus version of gommage) was discontinued in 2017.

For the professional me this was a disappointment. I have many clients who dont love the more pungent, camphor forward scent of Gommage 305. Having 303 made it easier for me to get as many people using this wonderful exfoliant as possible. The 303 version contained orange, sweet lime, and lemon essential oils; all that citrus was usually—uniformly—loved by most people.

Personally I loved having the availability of having both gommages to choose from. I liked switching back and forth and I encouraged my clients to do the same if they had the kind of skin that could do that. Variety is the spice of life. If I had clients who could use both, if they were open to using these exfoliators alternately, I would sell them 303, then next time 305. And for the most ambitious of clients: they would purchase both gommages and alternate them at home as they saw fit.

People with sensitive skin of any type could not and definitely should not have use Gommage 303 due to its heavy citrus content. The acid nature of this gommage was too much for anyone sensitive to citrus or acid compounds like AHAs and topical vitamin C, for instance. Therefore it makes sense that Yonka kept the gommage that would in essence be OK for any and all skin types to use. Still, the aromatic of borneol, which has a camphor-like aroma, is not widely loved by many of my clients.

Another change with the gommage, albeit several years back, is the action (how it worked on the skin) did change when Yonka took all parabens out of their products. Both 303 and 305 were still around but in my facials and on my own skin at home I noticed it was harder to get the gel to gommage—to whisk off the skin. This was a huge disappointment since for practically 30 years prior it worked smoothly every time. I needed to add more product and for sure do at least 2 gommages in one session.

In a facial, I always did two full gommages. This gave my clients the benefit of a lot more exfoliation that many aestheticians give using this same product. Plus there is more massage involved, so again the client benefits. With the new, non-paraben formulation, I found it difficult to get a good exfoliation with 303, which was a crime! This was always such a wonderful product. The 305 worked a bit better and more like its former self.

Now with all the changes, I have to say Yonka’s gommage product is not the same, does not gommage or exfoliate the same, and for that I am so sad. This was always my go-to product, personally and professionally. I still recommend it for sure, but you will just have to use a bit more, and do a bit extra when it comes to getting a decent exfoliation. I suppose I should be thankful there is still a gommage in the lineup. Hopefully it will always be around.

I have written extensively not only about how to use Yonka’s gommage (now called Gommage Yonka) but also about how wonderful and essential I think it is. If you have used Gommage and can’t get it to work, or if something didn’t seem right when you Gommage, read the instructional and Q&A articles to get more information on this wonderful and important component in your healthy skin care routine.

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