Monday, September 14, 2015

Mineral Makeup: a better alternative to foundation

Over the years, I have had numerous women ask me, “If foundation is bad for my skin, what can I use for coverage?” Loose powder is one alternative to liquid foundation. Mineral makeup, which has been around for several decades, I also recommend.

Mineral makeup contains micronized minerals, which are concentrated pigment. This gives the skin very good coverage without causing the congestion you get with liquid foundation (or pressed powder). People with rosacea are particularly happy with the coverage mineral makeup is able to give their skin. Unlike loose powder, mineral makeup does not generally contain fillers like talc. This helps with the efficacy of the pigments contained in this powder makeup.

Most brands contain both titanium dioxide and zinc oxide. These provide full or broad spectrum sun protection. Not all mineral makeup products have an SPF rating. Keep in mind, any sun protection must be included on the label. There are several companies who manufacture mineral makeup. Some of the most popular are Bobbi Brown, Jane Iredale, YoungBlood, and Bare Essentials.

My goal is to help you get your skin looking healthy so you won’t want to cover it up with foundation, powder, or mineral makeup. However, if you feel you need coverage and don’t want the negatives liquid foundations and pressed powders offer, give mineral makeup a try. Hopefully you will find it works well for you—and your skin.

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