Sunday, September 27, 2015

Yonka’s PHYTO-BAIN—aromatic, relaxing bath oil

Yonkas PHYTO-BAIN is a revitalizing, relaxing product for your bath. I love this product! I call it incense for the home. The ever-so-pleasing aromatics of this bath and body product really are relaxing and revitalizing. You will become addicted to Phyto-Bainguaranteed!

This is both a body wash and a bath oil; I prefer using it in the bath water. It does create bubbles, but not like a true bubble bath. However, if you have a Jacuzzi, Phyto-Bain will make tons of tiny bubbles. That along with the aromatic heaven this product exudes makes Phyto-Bain a must-have for relaxing bath-time bliss!

Yonka describes Phyto-Bain as “a genuine spa effect at home with this highly concentrated aromatic bath treatment with plant extracts and essential oils known for their multiple therapeutic virtues. Invigorates, restores full vitality, relieves tired legs and gives the whole body a feeling of well-being and relaxation. Note: it can also be used in a shower with a damp glove

Essential ingredients:
  • Essential oil of lavender—relaxing, balancing
  • Everlasting essential oil (hylichrysium)invigorates, increases vessel resistance
  • Sage essential oilfirms, tones
  • Extracts of witch hazelimproves circulation, purifies, tones
  • Petitgrain essential oilcalms, drains, uplifts
  • Rosemary essential oiluplifts, rejuvenates, stimulates
  • Horse chestnutvenous tonic, vasoconstricts
  • Cypressvenous tonic, vasoconstricts

Directions for use:
  • Pour 1-2 tablespoons of PHYTO-BAIN into the bath water as it’s running
  • Get in and relax while breathing in this aromatic concoction

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