Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Forgotten Places: The Eye Area

Although I have written about the importance of eye creams in this blog, I wanted to include the eyes again for emphasis. I really feel the eye area is a Forgotten Place when it comes to proper skin care.

Many of my clients have never used eye cream before. I must admit, up until I was 30 I hardly ever used eye cream. Then when I hit 35, I started to use it with greater frequency. And now I apply eye cream many times throughout the day. Sometimes youth is wasted on the young. It usually isn’t until the lines actually make their presence known that we decide to pay attention to this Forgotten Place.

As I’ve said previously, you have no functioning oil glands directly under your eyes; therefore you need to use cream (sparingly) to keep that tissue soft. This will not erase wrinkles, but it will keep them from furrowing into the skin. Make your under-eyes a “remembered place.”

As a visual reminder, I have eye cream everywhere. It’s on my nightstand, at my writing desk, and in my bathroom. I also have some at my desk in my office as well as my gym bag. I use it all the time. Not in a thick layer, but just enough to keep that delicate, under-eye tissue soft. At any given point in the day, I’ll touch the skin under my eyes to see if it feels dry. If it does, I reach for my eye cream. (I don’t have far to reach!)

Granted, I have easy access to all these tubes of eye cream because I sell it at my office. But consider buying more than one container of eye cream. Although the investment does cost you more initially, in the long run the cost evens out. You will go through several containers more slowly than if you had only one. Whichever method you choose, don’t forget to use eye cream every day (at least twice a day).

When you apply sunscreen to your face don’t bypass the undereye area. Wearing sunglasses with UV filters will also help to curb ultraviolet light exposure. Sunglasses will keep you from squinting, lessening the potential for lines.

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