Thursday, February 2, 2017

Using washcloths to clean your face

Is it OK to use a washcloth on my face? If so, what kind is best and how do I use one?

What I can say about washcloths is I’m just not a fan. They harbor bacteria and can put extra drag on the skin without you ever noticing. Although the rough terry cloth will exfoliate some dead cells off the surface of your skin, I recommend actively exfoliating with a product instead of relying on a washcloth to do this work. If you’re rubbing your skin hard enough with a washcloth to get any significant exfoliation, you are rubbing your face too hard. 

When you use your hands to cleanse and wash away products, you can tell by touch if everything is rinsed off your face. You also get a feel for your skin on a twice-daily basis. You can tell if there are any blemishes or unusual bumps that you wouldn’t be able to feel through a thick piece of cloth.

With that said, it certainly is not the end of the world if you use a washcloth to clean or remove products from your face. However, if you just can’t live without one, the best “kind” to use is a clean washcloth—every time you use one.

For my clients who just can’t give up a washcloth, I recommend purchasing enough of them to get you through a week. This way you’ll never be without a clean cloth. If you use a washcloth twice a day, get a bundle of them. They usually come in packages of 5 or 10. If you don’t do laundry more than once a week, get two packages.

My last recommendation: don’t rub too hard!

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