Saturday, June 24, 2017

Oil-Absorbing Sheets: Are they good for my skin?

Clean & Clear Sheets: Instant Oil-Absorbing Sheets by Johnson & Johnson are not the only “sheets” on the market; they are probably the most popular and easy to find.

True to the advertising, these absorbing sheets will indeed temporarily remove excess oil from your skin. What I found when I used them (as an experiment) is they also create a feeling of dryness—obviously due to the removal of the natural oils in your skin.

If you have excessively oily skin, it would be most helpful to figure out why you are so oily in the first place. This information is not the quick fix of these oil-absorbing sheets, but it can give you long-term relief from oiliness. However, these sheets will immediately take away the shine you may experience.

I would say it is OK to use them on a temporary basis, but don’t get addicted to them. My skin, after using them every day for just one week, went through a dry, flaky period until I stopped using them. I don’t have severely oily skin; I do have normal skin with some excess oil in my nose area.

As with any new product you are using, monitor your skin. If you are beginning to see changes for the worse, stop using the new product and opt for something more beneficial. Sometimes products like these oil-absorbing sheets are convenient and seem like a good thing, but in the end, your skin will tell you if you can use them long-term or not.

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Thursday, June 22, 2017

Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Does picking at my skin cause scarring?

You mention that skin picking can cause damage. What kind of damage, and is it reversible?

Picking can but doesn’t always cause scarring. However scar tissue doesn’t just go away (it’s usually irreversible damage), so if you tend to scar if/when you pick at your skin you are probably going to live with that visible damage going forward.

When you pick without care, you are basically causing a little tear or injury to the skin. It has to heal, and in that healing process, a little scar could form. Not always, but it’s definitely possible. You must at least utilize the basic steps I have described in an earlier article (see link below) or you are asking for trouble.

But even then, even if you do everything right, you still may cause scarring. It all depends on how careful you are when you extract your skin and also how skilled you are at doing it. Also if your skin tends to be prone to scarring easily, this may happen more in your case than in someone whose skin is a bit more resilient.

Remember, part of the “skill” of extraction is knowing when to quit.

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