Thursday, August 17, 2017

A Few Quick Tips from THE BASICS

Following are a few tips that come from The Basics chapter in my first book, Timeless Skin:
  • If you left your makeup on overnight (shame on you), you’ll need to exfoliate to get that embedded junk out of your pores before you put on another day’s makeup. Don’t skip this step!
  • Use your spray toner throughout the day in the summer months so you can enjoy a cool spray of refreshment on your face during a hot summer’s day.
  • Don’t use heavy creams around your eyes at night, or it’s very likely you’ll wake up with puffy eyes the next morning. Use eye cream sparingly but often and apply where your wrinkles are, not right up to your eyes.
  • Treat your lips to healing, non-petroleum lip balms whenever you’re not wearing lipstick. It’s especially effective to use these products before you go to bed so it sits on your lips all night long.
  • Try not to bite off the dry, flaking skin on your chapped lips. This will perpetuate the parched, flaky tissue and give you the potential for open sores where the skin has come off. It’s a hard habit to break, but it will help keep your lips from bleeding and give them time to heal.
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Monday, August 14, 2017

Darker skin color & sun protection

There are certain characteristics to dark skin that keep it from receiving severe sun damage. However, if you have a darker skin tone, you’ll want to heed the same warnings as those with lighter skin.

Dark brown or black skin genetically produces large amounts of melanin, giving you a dark skin tone. Because melanin is produced to protect the body from UV radiation, it makes sense that descendants of people from areas near the equator will have darker skin. Genetically you are blessed with nature’s own sunblock.

It’s also true that dark skin tends to age better than lighter skin because of this extra melanin production. But it is not true that dark-skinned people don’t need to use the same common sense protection from the sun as light-skinned people.

If you have dark skin, please don’t think you will escape the ravages of the sun. You are perhaps even more susceptible than lighter-skinned people. Why? Because you feel armed against the sun due to your skin tone. Therefore you may forgo wearing sunscreen and a hat.

Dark skin is better protected than light skin, but you are in no way fully protected from sun damage. No one really escapes damage from the sun. Dark, light, black, white, young, or old—everyone needs to wear sun protection.

Wearing sunscreen and hats apply to all people—no matter what.