UPDATED: 04/2017
I am a Licensed Aesthetician in CO, IL, CA, and TX, and I have written two skin care books: Timeless Skin: Healthy Skin for a Lifetime & Skin Care A to Z. I am passionate about helping people cut through the hype and find their own individual way to have healthy, clear, beautiful skin.

I have been working with skin for 32 years (1985), 23 years running my own business (1994); I celebrated my 56th birthday in April 2017; and as mentioned: I have written 2 skin care books. These facts give me qualifications that not every aesthetician has. I have always felt credible, but now at 56 I know I am a great example of what aging can look like—and I love it! As a side note: I haven’t worn makeup (any) since 1990.

As many of you know, I have worked with Yonka-Paris skin care products for almost my entire career. Starting in 1985 using it personally until I could get it into the spa where I was working. Eventually when I opened my first Carolyn Ash Skin Care salon, of course this was the product I chose and continue to use today. (If you’re familiar with Yonka products, this photo is from the days when I was first using and selling it in the mid-80s and the packaging from that era.)

When I was a teenager, I loved ballet and horses. Ballet eventually won out, but I have always kept a torch lit in my heart for equines. In February of 2013 I started volunteering at Colorado Horse Rescue (CHR) in Longmont CO—a great organization helping to care for these great beings. If you’re in the area and want a wonderful volunteer opportunity, give CHR a call; come by, and fall in love! For a post I wrote regarding the rescue and a TV news story video about it plus more, see:
Quincy liked going to the rescue, too :+)
Charger’s Mate (Matey) & me
Dusty the Quarter Horse. Perhaps the first horse I ever rode.
I also love to hike.