Sunday, August 22, 2010

SUNSCREEN: To reapply or not. Is that in question?

I was talking with a client the other day about using sunscreen. I was explaining about the need to reapply, especially if you are exercising. I went on to say that I especially needed to do this since I always wipe my face once I start sweating, which no doubt takes just about all the sunscreen away too. She said she didn’t wipe, which was kind of a revelation to me. You mean some people don’t feel the need to wipe the dripping sweat off their faces?

If you are like me and you do wipe the sweat off your face, know that an appreciable amount of any sunscreen you have applied to your face (or wherever) is coming off during the wiping process. 

Today, for instance, I was running a trail, and it was hot. I wiped and wiped and keep internally commenting on the fact that basically my face was left sunscreenless—although I did (and always do) have a hat on. Did I reapply my sunscreen? No. Do you in that situation? Since realistically I’m not going to stop my run to reapply sunscreen, I just know that I will be getting sun exposure with little or no sun protection by the end of my run. I suppose I could reapply if I took a break to catch my breath or to take in the beauty of the Colorado foothills. (Note to self!)

The moral of this story is: Reapply your sunscreen! And if you can’t or don’t, just be aware you are putting in clock-time for UV radiation. Usually you’ll be able to reapply if you’re more stationary (like at the beach or on a boat). But if you’re out exercising and unable to reapply, hopefully you enjoyed your outdoor activity, regardless.

As I mention in almost any article on sun protection, please—if you haven’t already—see a dermatologist for a full-body mole check. It’s a good idea to do this annually.

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Sunday, August 1, 2010

The Webs We Weave

I was hiking up a trail this morning and came across a beautiful newly woven spider web. I assumed it was new because the night before we had torrential rain storms, something a delicate spider web wouldn’t have survived. It got me thinking about life and how we weave our web, making connections with people and things and building our world all encased in our personal web.

Sometimes there are events and turns in life that cause our web, our security, to get destroyed or otherwise disrupted. Being the strong, persevering humans we are we build and rebuild, and so it goes. We have this wonderful capacity to continue moving forward, even if we have to rebuild our web numerous times—just like a spider.

I want to remember this the next time a storm (a major life event) comes and takes out my web (causes angst and stress and disruption in my life and home). I have the power to rebuild—every day if necessary—and create another web and to create new connections in my life. And in this rebuilding perhaps create a stronger web than the one before.

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