Monday, June 29, 2020

Yonka moisturizer recommendations: a client’s question

Hi Carolyn! Quick question: I’m still using Yonka’s Optimizer Serum and Cream [aka Optimizer Duo]. Is there any other moisturizer I could use or should try? I still have combination skin, although we’re heading into winter in Chicago. I’m missing the Yonka aromas that I get from other creams in the line! Just thought I’d ask to see if you have any recommendations for other Yonka creams.

One of the many qualities of Yonka-Paris skin care is the amazing aromas. Finding aromatic cremes here is not a problem! Have you ever tried Masque Nº1? I’m thinking you have used it in the past and you didn’t like itis that right? Mask 1 is my favorite cream and has a lovely jasmine aromatic. (This wonderful creme has been “rebranded” and is now called Hydra Nº1 Masque. It is not what I would call identical to Mask 1 but it’s a close 2nd.)

A newer product, Nutri Defense, is also a good winter cream. I have a client with problem skin who is having issues with dehydration and she swears by this cream! This wouldn’t be my go-to product for an oilier skin, but I do recommend it for my true-dry skin clients, especially during a Colorado winter. Even though you have a combination skin type, you might do just fine with Nutri Defense.

Pamplemousse PS is a wonderful grapefruit cream. You might need to add a moisture-boosting elixir like Hydralia (now renamed: Hydra+) to this creme for winter. Pamplemousse PS isn’t as hydrating as other Yonka dry skin creams, but using the glycerin additive can really make this a perfect combination for your combination skin in a dry Chicago winter. 

Vital Defense is a another option. It too might necessitate Hydralia for extra oomph. It is “lighter” than Nutri Defense but you could try it without Hydralia and see if it is hydrating enough. However in the middle of winter you’ll most likely want some extra hydration so having Hydralia on hand is a good idea.

I hope this helps! Yonka truly has so many wonderful moisturizing creams I know one of these will be a good fit—probably more than one! 

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