Sunday, June 14, 2020

Good Morning Texas with guest Carolyn Ash, 1st of two appearances

Good Morning Texas (2000) was the very first TV show I was on to promote my then new (1st) book, Timeless Skin. And was I excited! GMT was nice enough to have me on a 2nd time, sometime a year or so later. Unfortunately most of my TV appearances went up in flamesliterally! My home was involved in the October 2017 Wine Country wildfires.

Luckily, just before the fires I was starting to put my TV shows up on YouTube. So I am thankful I retain some of the many shows I was on, but unfortunately the quality of almost all of these videos is not very high. Still, you can see the younger me, about 40 years old, with my short hair and enthusiastic ambition.

I chuckle when I see this and all the Dallas TV shows I did during 2000-2001. Each time I was told to wear calm colors, no stripes, and nothing loud. I didn’t ever adhere to those recommendations (!). And in each of these shows, except for The Iyanla Show (I relented due to pressure and what I felt was displeasure), I wore not a stitch of makeup. No foundation, nothing. I just felt strongly I wanted to look like what I look like and so I wouldn’t let the makeup artists put anything on me.

This segment ends at 8:52 minutes, although the video goes on (blank) until just after 12 minutes. And, with all of these videos, it is a bit blurry. CLICK HERE to see this video on youtube.