Thursday, August 1, 2019


For any of you interested in seeing a video of my facial treatment, here is the link to watch it on youtube:

I had myself filmed because I wanted to let any aesthetician who may be interested see how I gave my facials and if there is any information to glean from the videosgreat. Deep down I knew once I moved to CA I would be retiring from skin care. I felt the need to film my facial since, after the videographer left, I broke down my office and I therefore wouldn't ever have my office set upthe way I like it and how I work fromagain.

For those of you who were clients in my facial salon(s), I just thought you might be curious about what and how I was doing things during your facial treatment with me. This video is under 45 minutes so all of my movements are a bit faster here and the steps have as little time in between as possible, so your experience was hopefully more relaxing than this video offers!

Many thanks to my wonderful client, Brooke, who agreed without hesitation to be the model for this, which was literally my very last facial.

I loved giving facials from the very start of my career in Dallas 1985, working as an employee to building my businesses in Dallas, Chicago and Boulder with Carolyn Ash Skin Care salons (1994-2017). And of course I loved getting to know all of you, my clients, through this process and hope to stay in touch as life moves forward.

:+) Carolyn.