Sunday, August 30, 2015

Yonka’s ELIXIR VITAL (formerly Serum Vital)—regenerating, restorative complex

UPDATE 4/2017: 
OK, yet another change in the Yonka line. Now Serum Vital is called ELIXIR VITAL. Same formulation and price, just (in my opinion unnecessary and less appealing) a name change. I will keep this article as it isjust know that the name is the only thing that has changed with this product.

Several years ago (2012), Yonka went through a package change as well as removing parabens from all of their products. One of my favorite products, Mesonium 1 & 2, also went through a change: they combined the two bottles into one and gave it a new name: SERUM VITAL (now Elixir Vital).

In the past, I called Mesonium a facial in a bottle. When I used this product, usually in the winter months, I really felt it made my skin look as though I had just had a facial treatment. I am happy to say that after using Serum (Elixir) Vital for a 2-week experiment, the results were the same: Facial in a Bottle! 

Elixir Vital is a preventative, healing complex beneficial for all skin types. Elixir Vital replaces your night creme (for the course of treatment)  and is used as a mega-recovery mission for your face. Some oilier skin types may find this too oily; for those of us with true-dry (oil-dry) skin, Elixir Vital is a godsend! Although it is a nighttime cure, I use it day and night. Two squirts seems to do the trick and my skin looks and feels wonderful. See below for my personal instructions on how my own routine at home.
Highly concentrated in botanical extracts, this fluid (with 24 essential amino acids), truly boosts vitality and radiance for mature skin. Elixir Vital also benefits skin distressed by a period of fatigueexcessive exposure to sunlightemotional stressgiving birthas well as pre- and post-op skin careThis product fights dryness and dehydration, smooths wrinkles and fine lines, and restores a visibly younger appearance to the epidermis.

As an added quality, I love using this product in my facials. When I do the massage, I usually use a quantity of Nutri+ (formerly Yonka Serum). Lately Ive tried using Elixir Vital and I have to say it goes onto the just-exfoliated skin so wonderfully and makes the facial massage a dream for me. I truly do love this product! (For aestheticians: Elixir Vital is not available in professional size. I just use a retail-size bottle in my facials.)
Essential ingredients:
  • Beech bud peptides, soy peptides, mineral salts (magnesium, calcium)restructuring, revitalizing
  • Cereal germ oilregenerating, nourishing 
  • Vitamin B5, vitamin PPsoothing, softening
  • Vitamin Fanti-dehydrating
  • Vitamin Eantioxidant
  • Yonka “Quintessence (essential oils of thyme, lavender, cypress, geranium, and rosemary)energizing
Directions for use:
In the evening:
  • Cleanse with your favorite Yonka cleanser
  • Spraying on Yonka Lotion (toner) 
  • Shake the bottle of ELIXIR VITAL well*** and squirt 2-3 pumps into your hand 
  • Apply the concentrate to the face and neck, in place of your usual night cream
  • Apply eye treatment and you’re done

***Now that the oil and more aqueous (watery) fluid are in the same bottle (Mesonium came in two separate bottles), it is essential to shake the Elixir Vital bottle several timeswellto be sure you have mixed the oil and watery mixture together. Soon after you set the bottle down, they will separate again. So, if you wait after shaking, you must shake again in order to get the appropriate application. 

Yonka recommends using Elixir Vital as a cure for 30 nights, preferably at the change of seasons. I like to use it for a week at a time when I’m feeling the need. And it is also fine to use this complex as you need it any night, whether within a consecutive week or month. For me, Elixir Vital feels like liquid velvet on my skin.

Here is my routine when using Elixir Vital. Remember, I have true-dry skin. For those of you with more oil production, your products and the steps you take will be different:
  • Cleanse (I usually use Lait Nettoyant)
  • Apply Optimizer Serum (I am addicted!)
  • Spray my Yonka toner (I use the pink oneLotion PS)
  • Give a good shake up to the Elixir Vital bottle 
  • Then 2 squirts (that seems to be enough; you may need more, depending) of the luxurious Elixir Vital
  • Eye cream (I use all 3, so either Nutri- Phyto- or Alpha-Contour)

As I mentioned, when I use Elixir Vital as a cure for a week, two weeks, or a whole month (depending on what I feel like I need), I tend to use it day and night. Not always, but I want you to know you really cant use this product incorrectly. Day, night, day and night; use it as your skin requires. 

As with all Yonka products, Elixir Vital is paraben-free. 

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