Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Yonka Products for Teen Skin

I wanted to post some information to help you put together a skin care program using Yonka products if you are (or have) a teenager with or without problem skin.

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Also, in general, I don’t have a teen use eye cream. Other than hormones surging, a teenager’s skin is functioning perfectly and they do not need to use eye cream. Usually I will start recommending products for the eye area sometime in a persons 20s.  

You first need to determine the amount of oil your skin produces to truly understand which products to use. Please read:


I am a teenager with no-problem skin:

I am a teenager with problem skin and breakout

In many cases with teens (and adults, too), if there is a lot of breakout, I will first have them go through a whole tube of Creme 15using morning and nightthen assess their skin again. If breakout is still going strong, I will keep them on Creme 15 am/pm going forward.

I am a teenager with blackheads, no breakout


I am a teenager with oily skin


I am a teenager with acne

If you have problem skin or acne, please read articles under those categories to get the needed help with these skin issues: