Saturday, June 2, 2018

Recently Discontinued Yonka-Paris body products

Yonka has replaced or rebranded all of the products listed below. For ease, I have added the link to each new product after its discontinued counterpart.

Below are the body products in the Yonka line that have recently been discontinued. There is no inventory at headquarters, therefore none of the below can be purchased going forward.
  • Huile Corps Body Oil: A lovely body product fragrant with essential essences and hydrating oils.
  • Lait Corp Body Lotion: A ginseng body cream that for me was always a bit too light and not hydrating enough. Yonka did offer a travel size of Lait Corp, which was nice. Its replacement is LAIT HYDRATANT—regenerating, hydrating body milk.
  • Nutri Protect Hand Cream: This one is a bummer. I loved this hand cream from the day I tried it. And I shared it with so many clients who also will be equally disappointed that it is no longer available. CREME MAINS: Repairing, Comforting Hand Cream is a replacement product now available and equally wonderful, however it is different.

When I received notice these 3 products had been discontinued, I was also informed that Yonka has a wonderful new body product line that will be launching soon. I have every hope these new products will be improvements in what I have always felt was a weak body product line. Time will tell and I will post articles on these new gems when I have more information.

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