Monday, January 31, 2011

Enlarged Pores: Can they shrink?

The plain truth is this: pores don’t shrink. There is no cream, ointment, or skin care regimen that can change this fact. Pores are not little openings that can expand and contract like muscles. They do expand or stretch, but pores are not so elastic that they can contract to their former, smaller state.

Pores will naturally enlarge as you get older due to the downward pull of gravity (especially in the cheek area). Because oily skin is usually congested, this type of skin will be more prone to enlarged pores. Debris nestled in the pores over a period of time will expand the opening to support the enlarging plug or blackhead.

Exfoliating and using a high-quality clay mask on a regular basis (1 to 3 times per week depending on your skin’s condition) will help keep dead skin and oil from clogging your pores and lessen the chance of enlargement. And lets not forget your daily—twice daily—face washing routine. Without cleaning your skin (2x) daily, you are running the risk of major buildup inside your pores.

For more information on your daily and weekly routine, see: