Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Yonka Products for Red-Irritated, Sensitive Skin & Rosacea

I wanted to post some information to help you put together a skin care program using Yonka products if you have sensitive and/or red skin as well as rosacea. 

Youll notice that all the recommendations for gommage and clay mask are Gommage 305 and Masque 105both say they are for dry” or sensitive skin. Id like to explain. (Yonka rebranded 305 and its now called simply Gommage Yonka. I will leave the following information just for interest sake, but any references to gommage use will now be with Gommage Yonka.)

Gommage 303, although it says on the tube its for “normal to oily skin,” this exfoliator contains a lot of citrus extracts. Citrus juices contain a lot of acids and can irritate red and/or sensitive skinand definitely skin with rosacea. Back in the day (the 80s), Gommage 305 was for acne and problem skin.” Now, with only the two gommages in the line, the sensitive skin” descriptor for 305 means sensitive no matter if your skin is oily or true-dry.

The clay 105 has slightly less clay in it along with less essential oils than Masque 103, both of which in higher concentrations can irritate sensitive skin. So Masque 105 is the perfect mask if your skin is sensitive even it you have oily or problem skin. And using clay on problem skineven if youre sensitiveis essential to keeping your breakouts to a minimum and helping to minimize redness.

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*Both Creme 83 and Creme 11 have been discontinued. As soon as I have the opportunity to try their replacements, I will post that information here and in a separate blog article.

You first need to determine the amount of oil your skin produces to truly understand which products to use. Please read:

I have sensitive skin with breakout:

I have rosacea with oily skin:


Rosacea with true-dry skin:

I have very sensitive skin that is oily OR that is true-dry

For oily/sensitive:

For true-dry/sensitive:

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