Friday, March 25, 2016

Anti-aging with Kinerase?

Kinerase is the name for a nonprescription cream that used to only be available from a doctor’s office but can now be found in the retail environment. It is said to help retard the aging process. It utilizes the natural growth hormone in plants called N6- furfuryladenine. It is this plant hormone that helps the leaves stay healthy, moist, and alive. Kinerase is available in both a cream and a lotion; each contain 0.1% of the plant hormone ingredient. The lotion is lighter, for normal to oily skin types; the cream is for true-dry (oil-dry) skin. Kinerase can be used in conjunction with your regular skin care products, as well as with makeup or even sunscreens.

Unlike Retin-A or Renova® or other anti-aging counterparts, this treatment does not (according to most information available) cause redness, irritation, or flaking of the outer skin. In fact, it is often used after peels (whether strong or gentle) to help ease skin irritation or redness that might have occurred.

For the most part, Kinerase is best used on skin that has been damaged by the sun. In clinical studies some improvement has occurred in both wrinkles and pigmentation, although only modestly. It can be used by women who are pregnant or nursing, something some other topical anti-aging products prohibit.

Although I haven’t used this product, the word from my clients who have is that they saw little or no improvement (or detrimental effects) with their skin. They didn’t see any significant changes in their lines and wrinkles, or with the small amount of hyperpigmentation a few of them have on their faces.

I chalk this product up to the ravenous appetite of some consumers and the cosmetic industry as a whole for products that will stop, impede, or otherwise change the most natural act we will go through in life: aging. Out of 24 ingredients listed on the jar, the anti-aging component N6-furfuryladenine was the very last ingredient. Maybe that is enough to affect a change in the skin, but it seems like this is an expensive moisturizer with a little bit of the anti-aging plant hormone in it.

You may want to try this product (as directed) and see if it helps with your pigmentation issues and/or lines and wrinkles you have. Your experience may be different than the experiences I have heard about. I am a big proponent of experimenting, something I like to do. This will give you first-hand experience with whatever you want to find out about—in this case, Kinerase.

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