Monday, November 17, 2014

Trends & fads in skin care

There are many articles written here about the products and procedures that are available for “fighting” the aging process. Some of them may indeed bring you the desired results, while others may give you a negligible payoff and possibly put a large dent in your pocketbook.

I am not a proponent of dramatically changing the appearance you were blessed with. However, there are many ways that you can do this if you are so inclined. I recommend reading as much as you can about any new miracle treatment before you decide to indulge in it. Since there are new products and procedures coming out almost daily, I have tried to include those that are the most popular today.

I am a steadfast believer in taking care of the skin. It is my profession, and it’s what I teach my clients to do. Over the years, I have seen trends come and go; fad products become popular, then fade into the void. Throughout the marketing of new products and the public’s quest for even better procedures, I have plodded along—unbending.

The skin is a delicate organ, resilient as it is. Because we are looking to have beautiful skin for a lifetime, steady, proven care seems the best way to achieve this. If you look back five or ten years to what the most popular skin care trends were, few, if any, of those procedures and products are still the rage today.

There will always be a new miracle treatment to halt the aging process as well as new diets where you can lose inches in days. I want to provide an environment and an opportunity for you to let that aspect of the world pass on by. You don’t have to give in to the latest trend and give up a lot of money in the process.

Even if you choose to try the latest and greatest in anti-aging miracles, hold true to your skin care maintenance program (The Basics and The Extras). Taking care of your skin on a daily basis will bring you the most consistent and long-term results. I would investigate and proceed with caution if you decide to try any of the many skin care procedures available. Trends and fads come and go, but your skin must last a lifetime.

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