Sunday, March 13, 2016

A few new aestheticians looking for help

I am a new aesthetician, and I bought a skin care business recently. When I first approached the previous owner over a year  ago, I wanted to find out if there was a way I could work for her—learn the industry a little bit better. Since I’ve used the same product she used for over fifteen years, I thought that was what I wanted to work with. Being the excellent saleswomen she is, I bought the business. Now I am in the process of learning what it means to be successful.

I love your blog and your website. I especially like what you have to say about “anti-aging.” Your approach to healthy skin sounds so similar to what I would like to step into and be able to offer. Kind of intimidating knowing you are out there, with so much experience and knowledge.

I am right now learning everything I can. I give an amazing facial, I was fully trained by the previous owner and by the skin care company, too. I know we are technically competition, but honestly I would like to team up with you somehow and learn from you. I wonder if there is any way this can be mutually beneficial. What do you think?

Wow, well congratulations to you! Starting a new business—and new career—is a lot to bite off. I wish you all the best of success in your new adventure. As far as “competition”— there really is no competition. People go to who they like and use the products they prefer. Our businesses are in reality completely different. 

As far as learning from me, yes, I have been an aesthetician for over 30 years and have run my salon business for 22 years. I certainly have accumulated a lot of knowledge during all this time. But ultimately you will be learning from your clients, your business, your self every day from here on out. Words can only take you so far, it is experienceface after facethat will give you the expertise you are looking for.

The first few years after school was where my education really began. I read a lot and studied what interested me as it pertained to skin care. Choosing a path that interests you and trusting that eventually, after a few years under your belt, you will start to emerge as the aesthetician you see yourself being is what I recommend. It’s practical experience (over time) that will make you great.

Several aestheticians have contacted me to say how much the two books I have written have helped them understand skin and its care. [This blog] has a lot of my personal experiences as an aesthetician  along with cases from my client files that may be helpful to read about. Finally, last year I created a new blog for professionals; its called Help for Aestheticians: Starting a Business (see link below). There you will find many articles about how to run a skin care (or any personal service) businessor at least how I have successfully run mine.

Best wishes to you on your journey!

Hi Carolyn,
I am a practicing aesthetician and am trying to build a clientele. I am experienced, but I took some time off to have my children and also during this time my husband was deployed. So now I’m back!

I hear people say things like, “Don’t facials hurt?” and “I break out after facials” or “I have sensitive skin.” I think it’s mostly because they aren’t using the right products. So how do I get these people to make appointments for facials with me? I’m starting to get pretty discouraged because I know my stuff and I feel like I’m good at what I do! Thanks so much for your time.

My business has always been and continues to be built on referrals. Although I can’t actually tell you how to “get these people to make appointments per se, I would recommend the following or some version of it:
  • Give your services away to people you think would be good candidates and who would possibly give your name out to their friends
  • Offer a referral appreciation discount
  • Conduct some free seminars locally, and talk about the answers to all the frustrations you mentioned in your email to me. Address those issues, and hand out a coupon to the seminar attendees for a discount on their first facial with you

If you know your stuff—share it. The rest will follow.

If you are an aesthetician or plan on becoming one, please visit my blog Help for Aestheticians: Starting a business. Here you will find lots of information written just for you.

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