Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Yonka’s ADVANCED OPTIMIZER GEL LIFT: Anti-aging hydration for the neck, décolleté, and bust

From Yonka Headquarters: ADVANCED OPTIMIZER GEL LIFT dramatically lifts, firms and smoothes the delicate neck, decollete, and bust areas. This fresh, naturally aromatic gel contains innovative hibiscus and soy peptides, which in clinical tests boosted collagen production and GAGs, essential structural components of the skin, for dramatically improved firmness and smoothed texture.

With twice daily use of Yon-Ka Advanced Optimizer Gel Lift, the tissues of the neck, decollete and busts appear more youthful. Cool, gentle, and quickly absorbed, deliciously and naturally aromatic, this gel envelops, smooths, and restores firmness to the delicate area of the neck, décolleté, and bust. The skin is refined and its tone improves rapidly; the breast contour becomes firmer.


Full disclosure: Im not a fan of products that proclaim to “firm” skin—Yonka products or otherwise. However, Gel Lift is a wonderful hydrating gel that is an integral part of keeping the neck and especially the décolleté (the area above the breasts and below the neck) well tended to.
I am not disputing what Yonka has to say about Gel Liftwell, I guess I am in a way. Again, I don’t believe you can dramatically (noticeably) “firm” skin, therefore all the references to firming in this or any description of a product goes right by me. I do believe in supporting the structure of skin and helping to reinforce that. To me, this doesn’t “firm” skin, but does add to the integrity of the tissue, which must help with the aging of skin. And both of those Gel Lift does. Plus, I cant ignore how much my clients love this product! It may not be firming skin, but it does a wonderful job of keeping that particular area hydrated and looking great! One client writes:

Ive been using the Optimizer neck stuff [aka Optimizer Gel Lift], and I have to say that I do see an improvement in my neck. Never thought Id say that! Although I think the skin on my neck looks better, I cant say it seems firmer. Its just that the aging that has happened to my neck looks much less noticeable, and nothing else I’ve tried really did that. So, once againyay Yonka!

Essential ingredients:
  • Hibiscus peptides, silicon-rich horsetail extract—firmness booster, stimulate collagen production, remineralizes supporting tissue
  • Soy peptides—restructuring
  • Sweet almond proteins—shaping, lifting
  • Marine collagen, hyaluronic acid, plant glycerin—hydrating, smoothing, helps elasticity
Directions for use:

Use a nut-size dollop of gel in the morning and/or evening. Apply it in smoothing motions from the chin to the base of the neck and use circular motions to massage it onto the bust, moving up towards along the neckline.

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