Saturday, April 23, 2016

Why did you become an aesthetician?

I get asked that question a lot. Since I was young, I have always had a fascination with the human body. Perhaps because I grew up as a ballet dancer, I had a unique view into how the body functions under unusual and stressful circumstances, since dancing is quite an athletic event, and ballet in particular puts you in touch with your body—like it or not!

Injuries eventually forced me out of the dance world after nearly 20 years of ballet. I was looking to switch careers and become a massage therapist. Life intervened, and I was offered a position as an aesthetician at a friend’s salon. She was kind enough to put me through skin care school, and I jumped at the chance since my interests were not only in massage but skin care as well.

Of course, straight out of school I knew nothing compared to what I know now, but I did my best. Through a never-ending commitment to learn more and more about the body, and skin in particular, I achieved my current level of expertise.

Eventually, by the way, I did graduate from massage school. I worked for several years both in skin care and massage, but I discovered that helping people with their skin in the context of a facial was the best application for my talents. After several years in practice, I stopped renewing my massage license in favor of being an aesthetician only.

Being an aesthetician and now writing about skin care has brought me much joy over the past 3 decades. I am blessed to say I have loved my work in skin care.

Thirty plus years is a large part of my life thus far; another long-term path. I am confident about the knowledge I have gained over all of these years and continue to enjoy helping people have clear and healthy skin—or at least dispensing information that can help them achieve that.

Animals have always been a part of my life, from a little girl longing for (and getting) her first kitten, to my current passion: helping rescued horses at Colorado Horse Rescue. Dogs, cats, goats, pigs, cows, horses—you name it I want to eventually rescue and love all kinds of 4-leggeds.

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