Monday, April 25, 2016

10 Reasons to Publish a Book in Your Field

I was asked by the printer of my second book, Skin Care A to Z, if I’d be willing to write an article for their newsletter about why and how it can be beneficial to author a book. I love to write so I set out to write my thoughts on the subject. Below is the article that, although it’s not about how to take care of your skin, I think you may find interesting nonetheless. With that said—Enjoy!

Over the years I have met numerous people who have a book in their head and a dream to “one day” write it and have it published. I was that person 15+ years ago. Now two publications later, I have to say that writing books has been a wonderful way to promote my business as well as myself as an expert in my profession. If you’re one of the many, consider writing and publishing a book in your given field. Here are some reasons why:

1. Writing a book can help people. Writing about what you know offers people the ability to learn from your years of experience. I’m in a personal service industry, and prior to my first book coming out I was basically helping one person at a time. Now through my books, I can help people who may not be able to come to my office, yet they are able to absorb the knowledge I am imparting through the written word.

2. Writing establishes you as an expert in your field. As I mentioned, many people want to write a book, but few actually do the work. Holding up a book you have written helps to elevate you as an expert in your field like no other. Become a trusted resource with a published book.

3. If you want to reach a wider audience, write a book. Perhaps you’re a coach, a consultant, you own a small business or are in the personal services arena. By writing even a short book, you can enlarge your area of influence. You’ll not only reach your target audience, but your book may spill over into an even wider group of new followers. Reaching a larger audience equals more credibility for you and can translate into more clients for your business.

4. Writing a book brings self-gratification. I love to write, so publishing books is a wonderful way for me to get information out to the public while giving me a huge amount of self-satisfaction. I love the entire process, from the initial outline to opening a newly printed book. Writing a book will give you the confidence to excel in your chosen field. There’s nothing better than accomplishing a long-standing goal.

5. Writing puts you in the media’s headlights. If you have a published book, you are more likely to be approached by the media for quotes and interviews. After all—you’re the expert! You have taken the time and trouble to write down what you know, and the media is always looking for new ideas or even a new angle on an old story. They need content, so provide it for them.

6. Writing a book can and will drive traffic to your website. If you are looking for a great way to get people to your website, then get that book out into the world. Within the pages of any book you write, you have endless possibilities to promote yourself. With an About the Author page you can add information to drive people to your website, other books you’ve written; the list goes on. However you want to promote yourself—include it in your book.

7. Increase your revenue with the written word. Counter to what many people think, writing a book doesn’t necessarily make you a millionaire (unless you’re JK Rowling!). But having one or more products (books) out on the market can bring in extra revenue year after year. This is especially true if you write about an evergreen subject (something that doesn’t go out of style), then you can sell books forever.

8. A published book is the best business card ever. I think of my books as a marketing tool for my business. Yes, they are information books and have helped a lot of people. But they are also the best marketing tool I have at my fingertips. Put two experts side by side: One has written one or more books, the other has not. Who would you choose as your go-to expert? I would pick the author over the other expert every time. And so will your prospective clients. 

9. You have a large knowledge base, why not write it down? I’m sure you’ve heard that it’s best (and perhaps easiest) to write about what you know—and it’s true. The subject you are well-versed in is the best one to write about. Even if you’re just an expert in your own mind, writing and publishing a book will establish you as an expert in everyone else’s minds too. When you write about what you know, you may find you have so much to say, the pages just write themselves! 

10. Don’t be afraid to write a book! Perhaps you can come up with many reasons for not writing a book, but my suggestion is to acknowledge the fear and publish anyway. Even if there are already 10 books on the subject you want to write about, you may have a different angle that hasn’t been explored or you have something entirely new to say about your subject matter. Write about the topic you know well and are passionate about, and don’t let fear be your guide.

Publish a book to establish yourself as an industry leader and an expert in your field. The rewards you will experience far outweigh any apprehension you may have about starting the process. So—write! You’ll be so happy you (finally) did.


A special thank you to PUBLISHERS’ GRAPHICS for doing such a great job printing my 2nd book, Skin Care A to Z. You do great work!

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