Thursday, November 12, 2015

Another Aesthetician Helped with Timeless Skin

I recently purchased your book, Timeless Skin. I’ve only had it one day and I can’t put it down! You provide a wealth of information on the skin and its care. I purchased your book so that I could learn more about skin, how it works, what’s best for it, etc. In August I will be attending the Toni & Guy Academy in Carrollton, TX taking their esthetics course because I want to become a licensed aesthetician.

You don’t know how inspired I was when I picked up your book. I’m constantly searching for informative and accurate information on skin care. There are lots of books on the market but I hadn’t found one yet that was written by an aesthetician—until now. Your book is wonderful and I hope you have continued success!

Although I wrote both of my books with my clients in mind, I have heard from numerous aestheticians and students in aesthetics schools who have been helped with the information in Timeless Skin and Skin Care A to Z.

Hearing from these individuals is obviously gratifying, but it does remind me that not all skin care schools have a high standard of excellence nor graduates who really know about skin. As for my own schooling, at a now defunct school in Dallas, it was OK at best and insufficient at least. In other wordsI didn’t get a great education in skin care school. If you feel your skin care school experience wasn’t top notch, you have the rest of your career to do self-study on those subjects you really want to learn.

As I’ve said in other articles, if you’re new to aesthetics you will get your best education by working on skinat first dozens, then hundreds, and now for me with thousands of faces. It is in the facials you give that you will learn the most, especially when you have regular, monthly clients who come to you over time.

I studied a lot for years and years, and I still do quite a bit of research although not about the fundamentals of skin. Now of course I teach what I know through writing books and articles for my blogs, and still every day with my clients and the issues they come to see me with. Studying what you love (for me it was aromatherapy as well as anatomy, physiology, and of course nutrition) and applying what you learnand continue to learnis what will make you a proficient skin care specialist and educator.

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