Sunday, November 1, 2015

Yonka-Paris announces NUTRI DEFENSE for VERY dry skin

Yonka has come out with yet another new face cream: NUTRI DEFENSE. On the tube it says it’s for “dry to very dry skin. I had to laugh when I saw this for the first time: Is Yonka coming out with a new skin type, too? Very dry skin? I suppose I am being overly particular on this. Cant a person be very happy, or say I love you very much, and have very dry skin? 

Based on classic skin types, dry skin (or what I call true-dry skin) is skin that isnt producing enough, much, or any oil to lubricate the outer dead (epidermal) tissue. To me, skin can feel “very dry to the owner, but technically its either dry, oily, or somewhere in between. The descriptor “very seems superfluous to me. But as with many things coming from Yonka, they didn’t ask me my opinion when it came to naming this product. Regardless, this cream is quickly becoming a favorite of my Colorado clients, people who indeed feel that have “very dry skin.

Here is what Yonka headquarters has to say: “Nutri Defense is the essential cream for dry to very dry skin. Its highly nutritional action compensates for the skins deficiency of natural lipids [oil]. It contains lactobacillus, which boosts the skins natural defenses.

Due to its complex, nutritious formula, rich in essential fatty acids (omega 3, 6, 9, and more), this smooth cream brings immediate and long-lasting comfort to undernourished skin. Enriched with hydrating agents and  antioxidants, it helps skin combat premature signs of aging. The sensations of tightness and irritation are soothed as time goes by. This cream guarantees hydration plus soothing benefits as well as protects the skin from external factors.

I will caution any of you who feel you have “very dry skin. As I have written about in many articles on this blog, feeling dry and actually having true-dry skin sometimes are two different things. Feeling very dry can simply be a matter of being dehydrated. Your skin may actually be emitting enough oil even though it feels dry. Please read Using dry skin products on oily skin—STOP THE INSANITY! along with Determining Skin Type (links below) to be sure your skin is true-dry or even “very dry skin before you start using this or any other cream meant for oil-deficient skin. With that said, if you arent getting enough hydration from your Yonka (dry skin) creams, Nutri Defense may just be the cream for you.

I have used this product for a while now and can say that, although I have joked a bit about the skin type it is for, you really do need to have “very dry skin to use it. My skin is true-dry (otherwise known as a dry skin type). I am in menopause, 54 years young, and indeed use all of the “dry skin products in the Yonka line. Having used Nutri Defense, I feel for me it provides too much oil for my skin. Although right now, in October, this cream may feel like its too much, come mid-winter it just might be perfect for me.

I use Optimizer Serum daily under any moisturizer I am using. After feeling like Nutri Defense was too much for my skin, I opted to try it without the serum. This seemed to do the trick; my skin felt normal using only the cream. So although Nutri Defense is one of the more expensive Yonka moisturizers (still a great deal for what it contains at $73), if you are currently using Optimizer Serum under your creams to add moisture, perhaps using Nutri Defenseonlywill give you the necessary moisture and you can skip using Optimizer Serum underneath.

Personally, I will continue to use Optimizer Serum under my (usual) Mask 1 cream. That combination seems perfect for me. The aromatic from Mask 1 sends me to a heavenly state. And although Nutri Defense has all the bells and whistles of an anti-aging, super-hydrating cream, it simply doesnt have the wonderful (and distinct) Yonka aromatic I have come to expect in my 30+ years using this product line.

Please dont let anything Ive said here stop you from using Nutri Defense. It is a wonderful cream if you have dry to “very dry skinreally! If you have true-dry skin that isnt getting enough hydration from your creams, Yonka or otherwise, try Nutri Defense! It could be just what you’ve been looking for.

Essential ingredients:
  • Organic Inca Inchi oilnutritious, repairing** (see below)
  • Shea Butter, avocado oil, grape seed oilnutritious, repairing, hydrating
  • Lactobacillusboosts natural defenses
  • Vegetable glycerin, vitamins PP (B3) and B5hydrating
  • Essential oils of petitgrain, lavender, chamomilesoothing
  • Coenzyme Q10, vitamins A, C, Eantioxidants 
Directions for use:
In the morning and/or evening:
  • Cleanse
  • Spray Yonka Lotion toner
  • Apply NUTRI DEFENSE to face and neck
  • Use your favorite eye treatment cream     

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**By using this fair trade active ingredient from Peru, Yonka contributes to the sustainable development of inca inchi plants and to the reforestation of deforested areas in the Amazon rainforest.