Sunday, November 29, 2015

Hyperpigmentation & perfume

I have a funny brown spot on my lower neck. Why?

This question could also be about a white or pigmentless spot on one or both sides of the neck. The number one reason for this, from all the clients I have seen, is fragrance application plus sun exposure.

Where do you put your perfume? On your lower neck or the sides of your neck? Up near your ears? If this is the case and you receive sun exposure, you are begging for hyperpigmentation or possibly hypopigmentation, which is loss of pigment resulting in white spots. Perfume is highly chemical and can cause a chemical reaction when exposed to UV radiation. So there is your problem.

However, if this “funny spot” is an irregular mole, especially one that has changed recently or is new and not hyperpigmentation, I recommend having it checked out by a dermatologist—now.

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