Tuesday, December 1, 2015

Yonka-Paris CELLULAR CODE SERUM—for mature skin

From Yonka headquarters: Yonka has recently come out with a new line of products: the Cellular Code line. Cellular Code SERUM reduces the signs of aging and fatigue by restoring cellular vitality and cell function. This cellular energy complex re-energizes the cells to smooth wrinkles, enhance radiance, and recover supple, firm skin. A silky, quick-absorbing formulation, Cellular Code Serum leaves the complexion revitalized and youthful.

Here are a few more of the key benefits:
  • Improves and restores healthy cell regeneration
  • Smoothes fine lines and wrinkles
  • Boosts skin’s defensive and repairing abilities
  • Firms and brightens skin
  • Elegant scent from essential oils
  • Non-comedogenic; dermatologist-tested
  • Quick-absorbing, paraben-free formula
Essential ingredients:
  • Lipoamino Acid - Fatty acid—prolongs life of cell proteins, improves cell functioning, reinforces the skin
  • Biacalin, polyphenol—boosts energy and youthfulness of fibroblasts (cells responsible for firm, supple skin)
  • D-ribose and garden nasturtium extract—encourages oxygenation of the cells, enhance skin’s radiance
  • Yonka “Quintessence” (essential oils of thyme, lavender, cypress, geranium, and rosemary)—balancing, restoring
Directions for use:
In the morning and/or evening:
  • After cleansing
  • Spray Yonka Lotion toner
    • If you have normal to oily skin, this may be all the moisturizer you need. If you have true-dry skin, you will need to use your regular moisturizer over this serum to ensure proper hydration
  • Apply a pea-sized dollop of Yonka moisturizer of your choice over face and neck
  • Then use eye cream

For more information along with a few of my favorite Yonka products, see:
Any of you who know me will know this ad from Yonka is not a mindset I subscribe to in total. I prefer to enjoy what time is bringing meregardless.