Thursday, December 31, 2015

Dehydrated Skin Q & A

I wanted to let you know that my skin has cleared up beautifully, and I have a question: My skin doesn’t seem dry, but when I smile my cheeks (where the skin is very thin and scarred) have dry-looking lines. What should I use for this? Now that I have stopped breaking out, the scars are better but the skin is still thinner in that area. I certainly don’t want to aggravate my skin with something that will make me break out—lines are better than blemishes for now!

If your skin doesn’t feel dry, I don’t recommend doing too much in terms of adding heavy moisturizers. You may just be noticing your skin there, whereas before you were looking at the breakouts. Perhaps it’s not your skin that has changed, but your perception of it.

Yonka's Hydralia
However, if your skin actually feels dry on your cheeks, you can try adding a glycerin-based hydration booster to your creams. I wouldn’t recommend applying something directly to the area; there is too much of a risk the product might go on thicker than you realize, and breakout may result. I usually recommend a booster for people who have oily and/or problem skin that feels dry but is really dehydrated, or any one looking to add moisture without adding oil to a dry-feeling skin. Try this adding-to-your-creams tip and see how this works for you. Exfoliating, too, will help relieve the surface of dead cells that may be hanging around and causing the dry feeling.

Dehydration needs to be attended to, but rememberyou always want to treat the oil content of your skin first, whether there is an overabundance or lack of oil production. Dehydration is easily diminished by exfoliating. If you have severe or deep dehydration, you may need to use hydrating elixirs or a more effective exfoliator. If your skin can tolerate AHAs, then this type of ingredient may work to rid your skin of dehydration. I caution you, though, if you have sensitivities or are prone to redness, AHAs can be more detrimental than beneficial depending on your skin. 

Be sure to take care of dehydrated skin so it doesn’t develop into a more severe condition. Exfoliate more regularly and see if this alone helps your problem. Understanding the simple difference between these two separate conditions (dehydration and true-dry skin) can keep you from experiencing a skin care catastrophe when purchasing your skin care products.

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