Sunday, December 6, 2015

About Carolyn Ash—skin care expert

Carolyn Ash is determined to demystify skin care

Consumers are inundated with technology, which includes information on proper skin care. Carolyn Ash is trying to take out all the hype and give consumers simple tools for healthy skin care. “Taking care of your skin is really very simple. It’s marketing and advertising that tends to complicate the process, says the 54-year-old skin care veteran, whose always makeup-less skin is flawless.

“I graduated from skin care school in 1985. Unfortunately, back then, they weren’t teaching us much in school. It was incumbent upon me to study on my own to find out the true workings of the skin and how to take care of it. I think schools nowadays are giving a more complete education, which will definitely benefit the client.

Ash opened her first Carolyn Ash Skin Care salon in Dallas, Texas in 1994 after working for The Spa at the Crescent (also in Dallas) for over seven years. It was at The Spa that Carolyn discovered she had a unique talent to communicate seemingly complex ideas about health and skin care into easy-to-understand steps and procedures. She also learned what to do and what not to do to run a successful business. 

Carolyn Ash does it her way

I always knew I wanted to have my own business. I like having control over all aspects of how my office runs. This way I can be sure the customer is getting the very best service possible. Not too long ago a client came in for a facial and was telling me about a spa she had been to recently. I felt like I was just a number there, she said. I told her the only number she is at my salon is #1. I like that, and I truly believe that is how everyone feels when they enter (and leave) my office.

It is a very personalized service offered at Ash’s salons. They aren’t big spas; they are comfortable environments that are set up to be one-on-one with the client. If you are interested in great skin and a wealth of skin care advice, Carolyn Ash Skin Care is the place to go.

Carolyn Ash emerges as a popular writer and talk show guest

Ash turned her passion for skin care and education into a popular first book entitled Timeless Skin: Healthy Skin for a Lifetime (2000). Her writing efforts have gotten her notoriety in Dallas, Chicago, and in her current hometown, Boulder, Colorado.

After being discovered through the publicity from Timeless Skin, Carolyn Ash has enjoyed educating people all over the country. She has been hired as a public speaker for various skin care companies and has traveled around to salons, helping to educate employees on the Carolyn Ash facial technique. What I love about public speaking is reaching a lot of people at once versus one person at a timein a facial for instance. I also love going into a salon and, even though they don’t necessarily use the products I do at my salons, I am able to impart important information on how to give a great facial and how to set up the business to ensure 100% client satisfaction.

Carolyn has written for national publications such as Natural Health Magazine and American Baby Magazine. She has also been featured on TV, whether on local morning shows, or national programs like The Iyanla Show. In 2004, Ash published a 2nd book: Skin Care from A to Z. This second effort explores reader’s email questions along with case studies of clients from her salons. 

“My books are what I term evergreen. Although small bits of the data in the books may change as the years go by, the bulk of the information is as true today, in 2015, as it was when the first book was published in 2000. Skin careyour skinjust doesnt need a radical new approach. Skin is a living, breathing entity and its care is somewhat never-changing. Products and trendy procedures may come and go, but your skin and your entire body have remained the same for millennia.

The Carolyn Ash Skin Care mission

The mission at Carolyn Ash Skin Care is to give helpful and honest information for achieving clear and healthy skinfor a lifetime, whether to a client in one of her salons or a person ordering products by mail. Ash states, If you don’t have clear skin, it will require diligence and discipline to achieve it. But clear and healthy skin is absolutely possiblefor everyone. I just want to simplify the process so you can get on with your life!

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