Monday, December 14, 2015


For the 30-plus years I have been using Yonka they have never had a facial scrub. The Gommages (formerly 303 & 305, now called Gommage Yonka) were the onlyand essentialway to exfoliate the face. Enter GUARANA SCRUBThis is a detoxifying, exfoliating facial scrub with mircobeads.

I’ve always said that using Gommage is more effective at eliminating dead skin than a scrub is. With that said, some of you don’t use, don’t like, or won’t use Gommage. So now you can use this new product! And for those of you who use the Gommage religiously, having a wonderful scrub to use a few times a week is a great addition to any skin care routine.

Try Guarana Scrub, I know you will love it! It’s easy to use and leaves your skin feeling refreshed and healthy, while removing dead skin along the way. 

From Yonka headquarters: “This exfoliating cream gently cleanses and purifies the epidermis, revealing new, fresh and radiant skin. Guarana Scrub removes dead cells and impurities that slow down the natural renewal of the outer skin (epidermis). Your skin will feel silky with a smooth, refined texture.

Essential ingredients:
  • Guarana and organic brown rice micro-beadsexfoliating, detoxifying
  • Vegetable glycerinhydrating
  • Cornflower, calendula, linden, German chamomile, St. John’s wortsoftening, soothing
  • Essential oils of geranium, lavender, and rosemarytoning phyto-aromatic effects
Directions for use:

Use as often as you want: at least once per week, or 2 to 3 times a week. If you’re gentle, you can use Guarana Scrub daily.
  • Apply the cream scrub to a moist face and neckavoid the contour of your eyes and lips
  • Gently massage, making sure to get into the nooks and crannies of your face, especially around the nose and chin
  • Rinse thoroughly
  • Pat dry without rubbing
  • Use your Yonka Lotion spray toner
  • Moisturize with your usual day or night cream plus eye treatment
  • Enjoy healthy, glowing skin!

Many times when I use the scrub, I will mix 1/2 cleanser and 1/2 scrub for an alternate way to clean and exfoliate. 

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