Saturday, November 21, 2015

Yonka for Men: UNDER EYE GEL—gel eye treatment

Yonkas UNDER EYE GEL is a soothing eye gel that helps to alleviate puffiness and dark circles, which plague many men (and women). It visibly relaxes the eye contour and smoothes lines and wrinkles. It has a refreshing scent and goes on easily.

Key benefits:
  • Combats puffiness and dark circles
  • A pick-me-up for the eyes
  • This ultra-fresh gel with natural active ingredients visibly smoothes and energizes the eye contours, even after long days...or short nights
  • The advantage: Can be used as a mask (5 minutes) in case of major fatigue. An immediate effect guaranteed

    Essential ingredients:
    • Phyto-polyphenols from salomon’s seal, arnica and cypress nuthelps the micro circulation and draining action
    • Phytostimulines technology from beech budregenerates, hydrates, tones up
    • Mimosa tenuiflora (rich in bioflavonoides, tannis, mimonosides, oligo-elements)regenerates, anti-free radical action
    • Sweet almond proteinshydrates
    • Sodium hyaluronatehydrates, soothes, regenerates
    • Sodium lactate methylsilanol (contains silicon)relieves congestion
    • Roman camomile essential oilrelieves congestion
    • Peppermint essential oilrefreshes, tones up
    • Carrot essential oilsoothes

    Directions for use:

    For daily use:
    Apply a thin layer of Undereye Gel on lines around eyes. Use morning and night and any time in between. Eye creams (and gels) keep the tissue around the eyes soft. They do not erase wrinkles. Sorry!

    Used as a mask: One to several times per week, apply Undereye Gel in a thick layer under eyes. Leave on for at least 5 minutes. When finished, penetrate any remaining gel into the skin. If there is too much left, gently tissue (blot) excess.

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