Sunday, February 19, 2017

Yonka Products for True-Dry Skin

I wanted to post some information to help you put together a skin care program using Yonka products if you have true-dry (oil-dry) skin.

Yonka offers several creams for true-dry skin, so I have listed all the moisturizers below that can be use day and/or night; singularly or in combination with each other.

Click on any product name to be taken to its corresponding article on this blog. If one has not published yet, you will be taken to that product’s page on my website.

You first need to determine the amount of oil your skin produces to truly understand which products to use. Please read:


My skin is bone drynever oily:


    I have sensitive skin that is true-dry (oil-dry):

    If you havent already, please read the following for more helpful information: