Tuesday, March 31, 2015


EAU MICELLAIRE, Instant Waterless Cleanser & Make-Up Remover

My initial reaction to Yonkas new waterless cleanser was “what is a waterless cleanser?” I didnt have any experience with one and nor have my clients (whose response has been similar to mine).

I was sent a small sample of Eau Micellaire (going forward I will call it EAU) and over the course of several weeks I tried it and I have to say, I really do like this new cleanser! It leaves my skin feeling clean, which is something I wasnt sure it could dobut it does. The discoloration on the cotton pad tells the story: the cleanser is getting dirt and debris off my skin. And that is great!

As I was experimenting with EAU, I would chuckle at the fact that I was perhaps cleaning” my face while standing in front of the TV, or while I was sitting down someplace. For most of usfor yearswe have either cleaned our faces at our bathroom sink or while in the shower. It feels a bit funny yet freeing to clean my face while standing (or sitting) somewhere other than my bathroom.

This cleanser will work wonderfully for unusual circumstances when washing your face is unlikely or a place to wash is simply not available. Situations like:
  • Just after exercising when you want to clean your face but youre either outside or in a yoga studio or gym without the availability of a wash room
  • Camping and backpacking are perfect times to use a cleanser like this
  • Perhaps you are sick and dont have the energy to wash your face but want to maintain your skin care routine on some level
  • Maybe youre in the hospital having a baby or something less wonderful and want to keep your face feeling fresh

For example, recently one of my clients hobbled into my office for her monthly facial. She had a severe skiing injury to her left calf and wasnt able to put weight on that leg for at least 5 weeks. Bending over a sink to wash her face was going to be a burden. Enter Eau Micellarie! This is a perfect application for this new cleanser. I told my client to use her regular cleanser whenever possible, but to feel free to use EAU while she is unable to stand at her sink. Im not advocating to not use EAU daily, but I am still a believer in a good, milky facial cleanser to wash with.

I have many clients who only wash their faces once a day, either only in the morning or only at night. This isnt optimal but it is what it is. I am not the type of aesthetician to harp on the negatives, although I do explain why its best to clean twice daily. 

So adding to the list of special circumstances where EAU comes in handy: If you are currently washing your face only one time per day (either not at night or not in the morning or egadnot at all!), by all means use this cleanser on a daily basis!

The list can go on and on as to the applications for a waterless cleanser. Give Eau Micellaire a try and see how you like it.

From Yonka headquarters: YON-KA is expanding its Skin Cleansing and “Essentials” category. A rave beauty product amongst French and European women the popularity and sales of the “waterless cleanser” concept has exploded in the luxury pharmacy and boutique segment all across Europe. With the launch of EAU MICELLAIRE Yonka is delighted to be among the first professional brands to bring this efficient new concept in cleansing to the professional spa environment.

In one simple step, a make-up remover becomes a skin care product.  Considered an “Intelligent” and highly versatile cleansing water, EAU MICELLAIRE offers fast and convenient cleansing without the need to add water; it refreshes and enlivens, and promotes youthful skin due to a potent synergy of anti-oxidants, all clinically tested for efficacy.

Essential ingredients:
  • Rose, chamomile essential oils—soothing
  • Sodium PCA—hydrating
  • Essential oils of bergamot and mint—refreshing, purifying
Directions for use:
  • Apply EAU cleanser to a cotton pad (preferably the flat kind vs. a cotton ball)
  • Go over face and neck with soaked cotton pad
  • If the pad is really discolored, apply again until cotton is completely clean