Friday, March 6, 2015

The Forgotten Places: The Décolleté—where’s that?

The décolleté is the area below the neck and above the breasts. Most women don’t consider taking care of this skin until it is already damaged. Low-cut dresses show the décolleté. Bikinis expose the décolleté. And rarely, if ever, do we consider exfoliating, hydrating, or using sunscreen on this area. The décolleté definitely qualifies for one of The Forgotten Places.

Because gravity pulls the breasts down (to the ground, unfortunately), the skin of the décolleté is also pulled down with age and time. In addition to this stretching, I also see a lot of sun damage on this area, which causes tissue to become flaccid and sag. Sun can also cause damage to the capillaries and blood vessels. What you might have after years of overexposure is a décolleté that is permanently freckled and brown with a slightly leathered look and a lot of broken capillaries. In other words, it has been damaged by the sun.

Start by exfoliating your décolleté. It will help to reflect the healthy skin hidden underneath, eliminating dead cells that are rarely actively removed. After your bath or shower, be sure to get body lotion on your décolleté. There is no need to use the more expensive face and neck creams on this large area, but don’t forget to rub some body cream there.

Next, don’t forget sunscreen. Apply and reapply if you’re going to be playing out in the sun. Even if you’re not in a bathing suit but have a low-cut top or opened-up shirt, put sunscreen on your exposed décolleté. Keep in mind that even wide-brimmed hats don’t shade the décolleté. So unless this area is covered up with clothing, it is constantly exposed to the sun. Try to become aware of how much sun this and other Forgotten Places are receiving. You might be surprised.

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