Thursday, October 1, 2015

What IS Gommage?

What is gommage? 

Many of you know how important exfoliation is and that I recommend something called gommage. You also may have discovered that gommage is not an easy thing to find. For many reasons, I generally don’t talk about brand name products in my books, but here on this blog I freely write about Yonka products, which I have used professionally for nearly 30 years. 

The Gommage is a Yonka product that is a gel-type peel. Although it has no abrasive particles, it does a great job of exfoliating the outer surface of your skin. Due to its gel nature, the product essentially sticks to your skin and grabs onto the dead cells. Gommage is gentle yet effective, making it perfect for all skin types—especially sensitive or acneic skin. Sensitive and problem skin types cannot and should not use scrubs. So now, finally, through the use of Gommage, these skin types can safely exfoliate their skin and receive all the benefits, too.

Used on clean, dry skin, this gooey, gel-like substance is massaged gently into the skin until it dries and starts to slough off, like pencil eraser flakes. After thorough elimination of the dead skin, the residue is rinsed off. Toner and moisturizer are then applied. This one procedure can really help make your skin look and feel smooth and hydrated, with a truly healthy glow.

Here is a comment from one of my clients:

I have mild to moderate rosacea, and exfoliation is challenging. The only product that works and doesnt irritate or cause my rosacea to flare is Yonkas Gommage. I love it! It actually can calm down an irritation. Sometimes my rosacea can be exacerbated by the buildup of dead skin cells, and Gommage helps keep my skin clean and clear.

Gommage is not for everyone. Some people either can’t get the gommage to work correctly on their skin, or they just don’t like doing it. It takes a bit longer start to finish than simply scrubbing or using AHAs, but to me the time is worth the results. Give Gommage a try and see for yourself the benefits you can experience from this preeminent way to exfoliate.

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