Saturday, October 17, 2015

Ideas on when & where to do a clay mask

Step 1: Put a clay mask on your face. Step 2: Take that necklace off!!!
Where to use a clay mask:

If you are a bath-type person, this is a good place to do a clay mask. Put the clay on your clean, dry face, then grab your spray bottle** and hop into the tub. Relax, enjoy, and every so often spray your face. I don’t recommend splashing the bathwater on your face to keep the mask wet, especially if you have used any bath products in the water. This can really irritate your skin, and the water will probably be too hot for your face to tolerate.
**You never want a clay mask to dry on your skin. Using a spray bottle filled with clean, filtered water is an easy way to keep the clay moist the whole time it’s on your face.

Using a clay mask in a steam room is the perfect marriage of protection and cleansing. The steam is great for stimulating the body’s circulation, but remember the capillaries of the face are very fragile and cannot withstand the intense heat in a steam room. Putting a clay mask on your face creates an occlusive, protective barrier between your skin and the hot steam. And since the clay will stay perfectly moist in this environment, it is an ideal place to use your mask.

Also note that if you find yourself in a steam room without a clay mask handy, I highly recommend wetting a few paper towels and putting them over your face while steaming. The heat is just too intense for your face and can really cause a good deal of capillary damage if you frequent steam rooms “unprotected.” Usually the paper towels at a gym are stiff enough (even when wet) to make a good cover for your face.
This woman's face (and capillaries) would be so much better served by applying a clay mask before getting in the steam room.

When to use a clay mask:

Clay can be used as often as desired. If you have normal to oily skin, blackheads, or any congestion, you will want to use clay at least once a week to keep the pores cleaned out. If you have problem skin and especially if you have acne, you’ll want to mask several times per week. And finally, even true-dry skin can benefit from using a clay mask. Oil-deficient skin doesn’t require the same deep cleansing as does an oilier skin type, but you can still derive many benefits from using a clay mask once every week or two.

It’s best to mask after exfoliating if you’re using them together. Exfoliation will help get rid of excess dead skin as well as superficial debris in the pores. The clay mask further deep cleans the pores along with helping to soothe and calm the surface. Exfoliating and using a clay mask can be done in tandem, once a week (or more) as a mini, at-home facial. They do not need to be done together, but it’s nice to do both if you have the time. Exfoliate, run a bath, put the clay mask on, hop in, and relax. After removing the mask, use your toner and moisturizer along with eye cream.

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