Tuesday, October 27, 2015

MYTH: Oily skin wrinkles less

Lines and wrinkles are formed from a breakdown in collagen fibers over a long period of expressing, sun exposure, and just plain time. Oily skin does keep a lipid or oily film over the face, which does keep it moisturized and supple (usually to the detriment of the pores, however). The sebaceous or oil glands, however, have nothing to do with collagen fibers.

Oily skin tends to be thick skin; thick skin ages differently. It tends to form one or two deep wrinkles, whereas thin skin usually has many very fine lines. Think of a piece of heavy wool versus a thin piece of silk. When folded, the wool will only crease in one or two places, but the creases will be deep. The silk may form many creases, but they will be superficial.

Men tend to have thicker, oilier skin. Not everyone with an oilier skin type has a thicker skin, however. But, I’m sorry to say ladies, even you who have thin skin that is oily are still not escaping the aging process due to the excess lipids.

The oil content of your skin has very little to do with the aging process. Accumulated sun exposure, genetics, and how expressive you are determine how your lines will form.

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