Monday, October 5, 2015

Forehead breakouts Q & As

PLEASE do not go at your skin this way. CLICK HERE to find out what to do (and not do) when self-extracting aka picking!
I’ve recently been experiencing small bumps on my forehead and the occasional painful zit on my cheek or chin. What is causing this, and what can I use? Also, is it a good idea to use two different brands of skin care products?

To answer your last question first, as long as all the products individually don’t cause problems with your skin, I doubt combining them is a bad idea. It is a myth that mixing different product lines together is bad. It’s just not true.

Regarding your breakouts, do you eat much sugar? Milk? Cheese? Anything you are eating in excess (or even on a daily basis) can cause bumps and blemishes. Whenever your skin is breaking out, you can usually look at what you are putting in your mouth to find at least one reason it has become problematic. Stress and environment are also contributing factors for some people, but in my experience foods and drinks are the major contributors if you are experiencing regular breakouts. 

I am 26 years old and just this summer I started to break out really badly on my forehead and temples. They are fairly big places and are in clusters way underneath the skin. What should I use?

My first question for this young lady would be: what changed in your life over the summer or just before that time? Because her troubles began in the summer, it might be something as simple as sweating. Perhaps during the summer she was outside more than in the past and wasn’t as diligent about keeping her skin sweat-free. There may have been other contributing factors that led to her breakout, such as dietary factors that I have already spoken about.

In the meantime, she needs to be sure her Basics 1-2-3 Program is in place, as well as using pH-proper products. Doing The Extras (exfoliating and clay mask) is important, and also making sure to rinse the sweat off her skin if she is exercising or sweating on a hot summer’s day. Breakout doesn’t just happen, it happens as a result of some cause, no matter what that might be. So her job is to find out what could be the cause and then she can help to stop the breakout in its tracks.

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